Best 5 Ways to Monetize Your iOS App in 2017

Data shows that the average iOS user spends 250% more on in-app purchases than a dedicated Androider. Yet, the app market competition is fierce.

The prerequisite of monetize app
In fact, except the “paid app”, all of the monetize methods need a large number of users as prerequisite. How to get lots of users? The best way is boost app ranking in the App Store -because a survey shows that over 65% users download an app by searching keyword in the App Store, and most people just scan the top 20 apps, even less, then the higher the app rank, the more downloads your app will get. And The best way boost app ranking is buying keyword search installs, which can boost your app ranking instantly. highly recommend.

After you get enough users, then you can start to monetize your app. Here are some best app monetization methods for you.

A paid app
The simplest way to monetize your iPhone app is to make it a paid app. The key thing here is to set the price just right.

In-app purchases (IAP)
Some answers have mentioned it. It’s really a good way to monetize your app - by 2017, the global IAP revenue will reach $ 37 billion.

Improving App Engagement
If you can leverage your in-app user data to improve retention and grow engagement by strategically targeting your current users with the right messaging, it will be much easier to cost-effectively monetize them.

Affiliate Sales
Another related approach is an affiliate sales relationship where a third party pays the developer each time they bring a user to the third party product or service.

CPI ads
you can use your iPhone app to promote other apps, and get paid every time someone installs a promoted app via your mobile application. The easiest way to do this is joining a CPI advertising network because that will bring you revenue and additional exposure for your app.

Hope the 5 methods are useful to you.

Don’t forget rewarded videos if your IAPs backfire.

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