Being the "Free App of the Day" at amazon store

Hi guys, pretty sure, noone has noticed, but one of my games (Minesweeper: Unlimited!) was the Free App of the Day on 2nd Feb and that was a quite nice experience!

(You cannot participate in it, you got invited)

I’ve wrote a small report about it, so maybe someone is interested in reading. I was quite impressed about the download numbers (almost 100.000 in one day), so there is really alot of attention brought by this program.

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Congrats! 100k in a day is huge. Was the bump in ad revenue or paid upgrades what you expected or more/less?

Let’s say it this way, the overall better performance of all my apps was pretty noticeable. Nothing to get excited about, because I expected that. In that way it is pretty good to have several games released to get the most out of that attention-peak :slight_smile: