Being a dev is depressing when you have games like these topping the charts.

Obviously took 1 hour or less to create, and it now has over 10 thousand installs. Just because that a$$hole is a “Vine star” wtf does that even mean? Fck my life.

It sucks when you work hard on an app/game just to have some prick who knows nothing about the app business come in and top other hard working developers.

Become a Vine star then. :slight_smile: It takes as much work as our app business. And 10k downloads is nothing really.

According to appbrain this app was released 9 days ago and looking at the ratings it has about 40.000 downloads. You think this is nothing special?
@GameLover: If you want to have the same effect, then just ask some popular youtube stars like pewdiepie oder markiplier to make a game based on them.

@StevePof - well, if it is only 9 days old, then it’s a good result. I wonder how it will behave after the first 30 days are over though.

I’ve seen devs create games of those guys but no success.

I don’t think we should get mad about this.

What is crap for me may not be crap for you and vice verse.

And users are a strange specie that no one understands that much.

As crazy as it might sound to those players the games might be good. Sometimes we feel as if our work is the best and others is crap based on what we like. Sometimes we need to step out of our age group and think of what we would like when we were kids or teens. I know its hard to put yourself in that sort of mindframe but it will help you out in the end.