Becareful with StartApp ads are not compliant with ads policy.

Today I got an ads policy Violation from Google Play, I have 7 days to update my app to a new ad network, this app only has StartApp in it. Below is the ad that violates the google play’s Policies from startapp. System UI Impersonation.

Guess the only thing to do now is not put any ads in the apps and place a sign in the app that says “Help im Homeless, Please donate.”

Did you contact StartApp? what did they say? that kind of Ads is one of the most used by StartApp…
Was it an Update of an existing App? or a new uploaded App? or just a random check from Google?

Are you sure it’s this ad that is causing the problem? It looks more benign that some admob antivirus ads that I’ve seen. But I suppose Google gives adMob much more leeway.

Last time my app was rejected because of decemptive behavior. But it was not aobut my app, but ads in my app. I only use startapp. I’m also very surprised that this network has such ads… But this one from your screen is a very well known and old ad… It was as long as I remember

Anyone else received it about StartApp too? Or was it just DroidGenie ?

Hopefully someone from StartApp can step in here. At least you only got the 7 days notice thing @DroidGenie

Nothing like this has happened on my end.

Did the email from Google specify exactly which Ads was the problem? or you are guessing it was that one? (as it’s actually the only one that looks like some kind of system message)

I have only startapp ads and its still fine , I didnt get any email from Google… but ECPM drop from 1,5$ in may to 0,60 right now in the same traffic , so fkn bad :frowning: Do you have any good alternative for lwp , widgets apps ?

I got 2 yesterday, one was that older app and one was a new app. New app also had startapp and got same message after posting I published 12 new apps and got it on just 1. I then updated that app to mobilecore only and guess what it got rejected again for same reason, so I guess Google bouncer not I’d ****ing up so I filed appeals on both apps.

Hey everyone,

As always, we are doing the best to bring our developer community a top product that is always up to date with the latest play policy.

Some older versions of our SDK are not compliant with the latest Google policies. We highly recommend that publishers update their SDK versions when a new version is released.

In this case, when we updated to version 3.0, emails were sent, as well as posted banners in our portal.

The latest SDK version is fully compliant with Google Play policy and includes many features not available on earlier versions, such as video ads.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact support.


Are you investigating this particular Ads?
In this case for sure it’s nothing related to SDK version as this Ads has been present since more than a year at least.
Also he just published new Apps, so I guess he’s using newest SDK anyway.

That’s an evasive answer from StartApp. I have SDK 3.1.1 and I still see those ads (at least I did 2 days ago).

It don’t really matter which sdk you use. The problem is the ad not the sdk. This type of ad which looks like a system UI interface/dialog has been used for a while now, but it seems Google is only recently stepping up on this as it violates their policy: . Startapp should just turn this type of ads off remotely.

Google said it was the native ad in the app and not startapp

What kind of Native Ad you had?
Is it the Gift Box icon visible in your screenshot?

Yes it was, google said it is not clear to the user that it is an ad. Anyways it is disabled now so when user clicks on it and all other apps people made using ads2lwp it will now open a blank page so existing apps will be ok, also now when a new app is integrated using ads2lwp the gift icon is removed now.

Also google is now removing apps instead of suspended them, I got a copyright notice yesterday on a different app and they removed the app but is allowing me to update the app after i take out copyrighted images.

When clicking on the Gift box icon, did you open an Interstitial? or was a direct link to Google Play?
I have a similar Gift box in my Apps too but some weeks ago I added an “Ad” tag to it (as I saw some other big publisher modifying their own Gift box icon this way). By the way, my Gift box icon just opens an Interstitial Ad.

Opened an appnext page of offers or redirects to google play

Might be nice to change the subject of this thread now.

I just had an app suspended (2 years old, over 2 million downloads!!!) due to StartApp: it seems they access some gambling websites, which Google specifically forbids. This is the last of a string of mistakes they made in the last 2 years - I had my first account (a VERY good one) suspended due to a faulty StartApp SDK. Also revenues dropped drastically this year. But from my experience, the main concern with StartApp is this: you never know what their SDK does behind the curtains so your apps/account may be banned/suspended anytime!