Beach Tea Delivery

Beach Tea Delivery comes with a plan to sell or strive in hunger without selling the tea at Beach.
Ride the tricycle around the street to find the customers and sell it hot! Sell tea to tourist who would love to have tea but remember, you need to sell it hot before it get cold. Reach the hot points on the street to warm up your tea before selling to the tourists. Race against time with your tea delivery buggy and reach out all tourists to make money. Let’s paddle tea delivery buggy at high speed to reach all customers in this amazing adventure game for all ages and groups.

  • Simply awesome game play with tough tasks
  • Excellent 3D Graphics
  • Amazing sound
  • Real 3D Environment
  • Try multiple camera view
  • Ultimate complete beach ride
  • Exciting and incredible game play
    ** Tap your phone/tablet on your right side to control the speed and brakes
    ** Tap on left to control the directions