Beach Ice Cream Delivery 2

Beach Ice Cream Delivery is back with an amazing sequel! Drive into a wonderful, surprise filled city of Beach Ice cream. Race against time with your own unique Ice cream buggy and reach out all the customers to make money. Test your skills driving the irreplaceable buggy, sell all the ice creams and make your customer happy.
This is an official sequel of Beach Ice Cream Delivery, the free driving simulation game. Unique, Fast, Fun and FREE, Beach Ice Cream Delivery 2 is a Best driving simulator on Beach island adventure for all ages and groups.
Paddle your way around the beach selling Ice Creams to the tourist. Delivering Ice Creams in the scorching sun is never an easy job. Ride the Tricycle around to find the customers. Make sure you reach the Ice Cream freezing points on time so the Ice Cream is not melted. Earn money by selling and upgrade your Ice Cream delivery buggy! Try to avoid fast racing cars while driving; it may drag you to slow down the speed. It is not a racing game but you may race against the time to complete the target on time. Upgrade new vehicles to boost your performance and collect more coins by selling ice creams faster. Beach Ice cream delivery 2 game is an awesome driving simulator game with heavy physics and animation to make your driving experience more exciting and fun. As we all know city racing is very common, so you may encounter fast racing cars more often on the city track; just don’t drag more time on a clash with fast racing cars. Save your time by choosing right track to serve more ice cream to your customers waiting for you.
:heavy_check_mark: Experience the Ice Cream delivery simulator
:heavy_check_mark: Unique Game with amazing sound
:heavy_check_mark: 3D Environment and Great HD Graphics
:heavy_check_mark: Extra ordinary Game Play with tough missions
:heavy_check_mark: Great Controls and physics
:heavy_check_mark: UPGRADE different Ice Cream Vehicles
Game Features:-
▀ FREE Game with optional In-app purchases
▀ Amazing Ice Cream Tricycle physics.
▀ Amazing city racing Ai cars across the levels
▀ Excellent HD Graphics and Sound
▀ Dynamic Effects and Animations
▀ RATE & SHARE the game
▀ Real 3D environments, with multiple camera views.
▀ Challenge and share score with all your Family and Friends
▀ Compatible with all Mobiles, Tabs and TV.

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