Be Carefull of airpush its a scam


I have an game with airpush bundle 1 sdk intergated , After I spent Lot of money on advertising and get Usa and canada traffic and for the two days i have reached 80 $ on airpush I surprised that my account is banned and gives me ‘Admin approval needed.’

then I star a live chat with a support from airpush he ask for screenshots I have sent all kind of screenshot he asked then I offer teamviewer to show what he need

then he Just kick me off from the chat saying he ganna take a look then can assist .

Now after I spent 1000+ on advertising my game and deliver 100K impression to airpush they Just kick me off

be carefull guys they are a big scam company .

I never heard of airpush just banning people outright. But if your game has reached high on the charts, then just switch to another AD network.

Me too , but I Didnt do anything to get banned from airpush

I will forward this to Nick of Airpush he is good at fixing things.

Thanks Hope it will be fixed because that’s not what I expected from airpush

Hi GooglePlay,

I am sorry to hear the issues with your account. I am looking into this and will have this resolved.

Airpush Nick

Account re activated.

Airpush Nick

Thanks Nick , That’s How support should be

appreciate your help

Airpush lately is very problematic… They still want links to my apps from me, although every link is in app details. They have problematic system and treat every dev like cheater… Don’t like it…

I agree with you. I stopped working with them for a while ago. Although they were providing me a good revenue.

I also stopped working with them for 2month ago because that problem.

Hi VinoCules and mmmkkksss,

I’m sorry to hear this has been an issue for you guys. mmmkkksss I am going to have your account manager reach out and help finalize this for you. Vinocules, please PM me your email address so I can take a look at your account and offer my help to use us again.

Airpush Nick

Hi Guys ,

Just try to reach the right person to get help

I had this problem but now its all fixed and my account is runing good

Just contact Nick he is good at fixing problem

and we hope that’s not ganna happend again from airpush

@GooglePlay - I advise you to ask about your personal account manager, next find him on skype. They should help you to fix some technical problems in the future quicker than by email or asking Nick on forum. Airpush have many, very kind and helpfull account managers but you have to know your own AM :wink: Two different developers can have two different managers :wink:

You guys are so funny. I mean, the second that one thing doesn’t work out perfectly for you, you go and call a network a scam. That’s ridiculous. Airpush is not a scam, nor is startapp, mobilecore, notifymob, admob, appnext, or revmob for that matter. Try talking to the your AM like @ramzixp mentions above first.

Hulu Julu kulu baba ji ka thulu

I have problems with airpush too. About a week ago I was making about 15$ a day steady with airpush bundle 2 SDk. One day I checked my dashboard and there was only 1.25$. I contacted the support but they didn’t respond. I see about 0.5K downloads daily in my Upsight dashboard.

You’re right. I guess people think if they call a network as scam they will get pay attention. Otherwise, I don’t think anybody believes these major networks are scam.

Going to send you a PM to help.

Airpush Nick

Thanks Nick :slight_smile: