Be careful Aipush is Biggest Cheating Ad network and Scam

Hello guys
today i’m going to Expose the of the biggest Cheater Ad network of Mobile Developing Industry named as Airpush.
here is details how they cheat their developers and steal their money.

i’m using your bundle2 SDK in my 3rd part app which is not live on play store…
i got really surprised when i have seen the all time stats of my one
of my app See the screenshot HERE.
don’t forget to notice those dark red circles.

my app have then 5000+ downloads so far.
check out another screenshot of total downloads on mediafire dashboard HERE.

Now my 1st question is why my dashboard showing wrong add-on of 837 and only add-on and
nothing on anywhere else? means why all type ads impressions are 0?

it showing all time generated add-on of 837 and then everything is 0-0?
i mean why my all time impressions of push ads,icon ads, 360 banner
ads,smart wall ads is 0-0? it mean all those ads on my app for
what is the purpose of keep those ads in my app which giving
impressions always 0?

Now another question is when they guys paying per install with their
bundle2 sdk then why only $41 for my 5000+ downloads? isn’t it

And what the hell they mean by that add-on?

everybody have the same problem with airpush? if yes then they are biggest cheater. :mad:

Now if you think then You will find biggest cheating mobile advertising network airpush is exposed.

I have mailed them before 5 days ago about this issue but still no response from their side. only robotic automade message that they will foreword it to concerns team.

if you reading this thread then make sure airpush it’s just start. i will make thousand of threads like this against you.

yes dear that’s absolutely right they have cheated me also.
i’m newbiew at airpush my app got 62 downloads according to the Flurry analytics report see screenshot here 1234.jpg
as per airpush pay per installs i should get $0.05x62= $3.1 but my dashboard shows $2 earnings only…
and same problem like you dear my dashboard doesn’t shows any impressions and earnings on banner, smartwall, icon ads etc…
i think they earning more $ from our apps and giving us only $0.05 per new install.
see screenshot 122.jpg of airpush dashboard
it’s been 2 days and no replies from airpush…

Thanks a lot for conform the thread with your response.
i’m sure Airpush is surly watching this thread but they are still silent. how shame on those cheaters :mad:

is there anyone here facing same issue? come on guys let them force to response here.

reply Us airpush. what the hell is this?

Airpush is becoming SCAM…

Hi Kumar,

It seems you are confused on how this SDK works.
The Bundle 2 SDK only pays the pay per install and new user EULA opt in world wide. It has to be a new IMEI on our system for it to count the opt in, and does not count impressions. You are earning a higher amount up front for the install, and do not have to worry about user life time value, and getting earnings from the impressions. From the way our dashboard is setup, it will automatically create the ad units, and show 0 impressions for them, but you will the install earning on the A02 line.

Hope this helps.
Please PM me your account email address.

Airpush Nick

@kamwave, they pay UP TO $0,05 per NEW USER IN THEIR NETWORK. You really should read the agreements you agree to.

@kumar - did you integrate the interstitials, banners etc? It seems like you integrated only their eula. Did you test your app? Are you sure the ads are displaying? Screenshots please? Is airpush the only ad network you are using now or you use more ad networks?

[edit] @kumar
Read AirpushNick’s post here:

Your mentioned $0,008 per download could be fine for some types of apps (for example the apps with low session length, high uninstall rate or live wallpapers). Also, I guess it could be far better if you had more USA users.

Well, I wanted to find the agreement for Airpush programs (bundled 1 / 2 and other options) but it is IMPOSSIBLE with their current website. Meaning, I can’t find any useful and detailed informations there.

that what i’m saying you airpush. if your Bundle2 SDK paying per install then why only $41 for 5000 downloads? and what do you mean by you not counting impression? then how can you calculate earnings from banner ads,push-icon ads and other formate ads? i really can’t understand. what those add-on dashboard?
you means all those ads have no purpose on our app?

Of course i’m using all ads type Of bundle2 SDK and airpush knows it very well. and i think you should check airpush once. there is really something going wrong. because they counting all ads impressions 0. how possible is this when you using all type of ads on your apps? if you will use it as well then you will find everything 0 in your dashboard as well.
so i think you should try them once

You are paid upfront when your app is downloaded, AND the device downloading it never before had an app with airpush AND the user accepts the eula. You will earn nothing from impressions -I think you really need to check what PPD is. Other than those, pm airpushnick, he will help you.

The SDK pays per new and unique IMEI of the device of the end user who is installing your app and they have to opt in to the agreement screen to get the revenue.
You only get paid on the install rate and not from impressions on the ads. The A02 ad unit which is paying you the revenue. That is the revenue from the new user agreement. You only earn revenue on that. No from impressions on the other ad units. You are getting a higher rate per install up front instead of having to earn $0.05 or more from each user. The purpose of this SDK is to place it on as many 3rd party markets as possible to get the higher number of new daily installs. Here is a guide we made to the the best stores to use. There are other companies that have similar models of pay per install, including Notifymob, Hummermobi, etc etc.

Please shoot me a PM with any further questions.


ohh i see. i think you should clear this things on the dashboard where your SDK is placed. and is there any SDK of you which paying per impressions and per install both?

Aipush never reply back i think that is the reason why i need to create such a thread here my friend. they have very poor support service i have ever seen

I see you never read the documentation of bundle 2 sdk but want to claim scam. I made a thread which answers all your questio s here.

OK. I see. I hope you can change the title of this thread :slight_smile:

You will want to use the Bundle 1. It is for Google play, and 3rd party markets. I pays up to $0.04 per new USA user install and agreement opt in along with CPMs on ads.

well i afraid but you can’t change the title of the thread here in this forum and this thread is result of your poor service. i have emailed you 5 days ago with no reply back from you guys and that’s the reason i need to open this thread here.
if you pays $0.04 for new US then what about rest of world users here? and what about impressions? how you pay with CPM?

It pays $0.002 per other countries world wide.
It pays from impressions of the ad units. We are a performance based network, so the associated CPM will be determined by the level of engagement on the ads from your users and the country they are located in. When using that SDK, it average between $1-5 CPM.

Please PM me your accounts email address.


****ing idiots creating unnecessary threads, if you scum bags thot of using bundle 2 to increase your earnings via 3rd party app stores in your empty head excitement then first get to know all the info OF HOW ALL THINGS WORK. Then claim abt it and come to conclusion. This thread shows how poor illiterate developers are out der. With no knowledge of this industry. Shame on you people.

@DroidGenie @Pixelpower have cleared your doubts so now stop bullshittin your miss conceptions.
@AirpushNick answers are your queries that itself shows airpush is such a concerned company. Other representatives take days to answer. Only Nick answers all n everyday.
If you aren’t getting paid righteously i suggest do your homework on the sdk of how it works and wat it pays for.

I used Airpush for last 3-4 years. But now I have right to say that they are SCAM. Why? They paid me less than I earned. They even didn’t hide it in their dashboard. It is third day and support didn’t respond. Nick can’t help me. Here is the screenshot:
Bez tytu?u.jpg

which ad network representative will do things like the following:

Screenshot by Lightshot
Screenshot by Lightshot
Screenshot by Lightshot