Bathroom design brainstorming

I’ve been pretty effective at squeezing every inch out of my build so far, but I’m caught between a couple of design options with respect to the bathroom and looking for some input:

Option 1 leaves me very little extra space but the dimensions of the 24x27" shower pan if I build to the edge of the passenger window. This would bump me out a little further in the space I want to conserve near the rear bench and waste some space near the back passenger seat. However, I have up to 36" lengthwise if I’m willing to build the bathroom overlapping the rear window (I suppose this could serve as some ventilation for the bathroom).

Option 2 is sort of a triangular build that maximizes literally every inch of space, but maybe it’ll be too large once its framed out. The front wall line in the diagram is a little off as the closest shower pan match that I can currently find comes out about 18 5/16" on that edge (or about 2" more than the edge of the 16.25" bench). It would make getting in and out of that side of the bench much more accessible than option 1 since there will be a table on a boat stand back there. It’s kind of a square-u booth shaped seating area and the table will drop down converting it into a full-sized bed.

All ideas/thoughts appreciated!

Oh, how I understand you. Any repair is always just hard labor for my nervous system. I’m one of those people who can never decide what they really want. I think maybe it’s some kind of mental feature. One day my wife ordered a new bidet without my knowledge on and it turned out that there was not enough space in our bathroom for this bidet. I had to redo the entire bathroom to install this bidet. Although on the other hand, it was a good impetus to do this repair. I hope you will do well too, repairs are very difficult for all of us. If it’s difficult to solve something, choose what comes to mind first, if you don’t want to at the last moment, you chose wrong.

Hi, thanks for the topic, I’ve been looking for detailed information for a long time.