Banners: Whats your average $ per click ?

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Is somewhat confusing read about eCPM without having information on the refresh rates, or the CTR%.
For example, im having 0.10$ eCPM but my average screen duration is 0.15s and my CTR is 0.45% (not using fragments yet) so it’s something equivalent to 0.4$ with 60s refresh and 2% CTR.

I have the impression that the amount paid per click is a good measure that everyone can extrapolate to their scenario.

My average is 0.02$ per click which I find ridiculous, but 60% of my traffic is from South America wich can explain that.
So in each continent im having:
0.031 $/click in Europe
0.04 in North America
0.02 in Center America
0.017 in South America
(not enought info about africa/asia to evaluate)

So what is yours? I will thank geographically localized information in order to compare.


Depends on the network. Take a look at Leadbolt and Millennial Media.

Use a 2nd tier major network like mMedia or BuzzCity for your South America traffic. I don’t feel like explaining (again), so here’s my blog post on the subject.

The BEST countries to have your apps downloaded in

mine 0.04$ per click

4 cents per click, admob, I think it’s the average

3 cents for me. Sometimes 1 cent more, sometimes 1 cent less I think. Depends on countries I think.

depends a lot on countries. Russia needs 2.5 of the impressions than USA needs for $1

These last couple of days has been great for my application Math Trainer in terms of $ per click,
2 days ago: 8 cents,
Yesterday: 12 cents,
Today: 9 cents.
Using AdMob.
My impressions are mostly coming from USA, Italy, Germany and Sweden.
I hope it will continue like this :slight_smile:

For the last 30 days; 3.5 cents

For my other application Slogan Quiz the average number since I launched it is 5 cents per click.
Edit: The most impressions for Slogan Quiz are coming from the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland and India.

Some of u have impresive numbers. But it seems my numbers aint so low since it seems 0.04

I have two more questions for the one who are using Admob.
Are you using Admob floor and mediation?
Are you filling with the google Adsense? In case u don’, whats your %fill rate ? Are you using any filter for the ADs?

Im trying to improve my Admob config too.
Thank you everyone !

I tried admob mediation with millenial media, back in feb. and march when all the ecpm’s dropped. In april admob was outdoing MM so I took out the mediation. Now it’s better than ever. Using just admob, 60-120s refresh, smart banners, no filters, with adsense backfill. I’m getting 99% fillrate, around $1.20 ecpm, getting best earning with admob ever.

Hm, odd everyone is getting such crazy eCPMs with Admob.

1.20 is beating me over at mMedia. I’m at .70 there.

I’m getting $0.06 per click with the traffic coming mostly from South East Asia i.e Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia - among the world’s fastest & biggest android penetration.

Man, my Leadbolts numbers are horrible! should be earning at least 4 times what i am getting now…

                                                    Impressions, Clicks, eCPM, EPC, CTR, Revenue
App_Wall - App Wall (Dark)	--	3,896	 411	$0.56	$0.01	10.55%	$2.16
Banner_728 - Banner (728x90)	--	1,597	 18	$1.00	$0.09	1.13%	$1.60
Banner_468 - Banner (468x60)	--	3,720 66	$0.16	$0.01	1.77%	$0.61
Banner_320 - Banner (320x50)	--	701	19	$0.05	$0.00	2.71%	$0.03

I think those number only apply to admob considering the double click model , and low CTR ,
I am not using admob now but I remember the CTR was less than 2% while in networks like applovin I am seeing up tp 30% CTR which reflects the CPC accordingly while having the same eCPM .