Banners of ad networks, lead to non Google play?

I asked this as part of another thread but I don’t want to steal the thunder from the other thread as this is its own topic so I decided to ask here.

Since Google seems to be cracking down on Ad networks one by one with bloody whiplash, I have been thinking. What if a banner (which we think is the safest) leads to an app outside marketplace? That would be illegal right?
I am using appnext and startapp and I am using only banners and interstitial. Do we now if clicking their banner could lead to an app outside marketplace place? Maybe a rep from @appnext and @startapp can confirm or may be you guys know

Thank you

Overall - which ad network has such apps which leads to other market?

I don’t believe I understand the question very well, but any network can lead their advertising outside the Google Play store as long as it is within Google’s terms like no pornographic, etc. My network leads people to merchant sites like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, etc.

Hopefully I answered your question?

Thank you. Yes you did. Now the real question is, is this complaint with Google play? I thought one of the threads just mentioned that no ads should lead to apps outside Google play

It isnt described something like that in the updated google ad policies. As long as it isnt porn,etc etc etc the rest are allowed.

I don’t think that represents a problem. It would be maybe if an ad links directly to an application (apk) and starts downloading automatically.

Still, making an LP and a 5" delay before an apk download, may not create any issue

Ok that’s comforting. Thank you Phew

It’s basically the same as showing ads for any website or product that is not an app, which is allowed. You’re just advertising a website which happens to be for an app.