Banners: Admob vs Airpush...

I released my first game for android a couple of days ago and am looking for a good banner Ad network…currently i am running admob banner but I am looking for an alternative,wit better performance…

The advantages of airpush that I see is
-All in one single sdk:-banner + ad wall + rich media…I don’t have to use separate sdks…
-Reliable payment…always happy with airpush payment…

My question is how good is airpush banner compared to admob banner…I am seeing an ecpm of $0.40 with admob for the game…
Thanks a lot in advance…

I no longer use admob’s banner but did previously. I had CPM of around $.25 but around 50% of my traffic was in China (hence low CPM). I have now been using Airpush banner since they released their SDK 6.0 and am currently seeing CPM around $.95-1.15 for the same app. So far I am satisfied with Airpush banners. I’ve also had good experience with Millennial Media’s banners with strong and steady CPM around $1

there’s another thread on this subject where a few people including myself were reporting around $1.50 eCPM’s with airpush banner ads.
in my case, that’s WAY higher than my other 30+ apps which use admob’s banner ads, but i’m not switching fully to airpush for banner ads yet because i still want to see some more weeks with this performance.
airpush may have the highest banner ad eCPM and great payment terms however they also have had a history of erratic reporting issues which can be (very) frustrating.
so far since they launched the new developer portal i’ve seen pretty solid stats and it has a great UI, but i’m still not going to switch fully away from admob yet.

guess what I have already switched to airpush and send major chunk of traffic to them. Earn while you can. Switching back to admob is not a big deal! After all these are my apps and I have a full time income to back me.

@javaexp I have 34 apps so it’s a lot of work for me, and I still don’t fully trust that these Airpush banner eCPM’s are sustainable.
they’re SO much higher than my admob (and millenial, and inmobi) banner ad eCPM’s that I simply don’t trust it yet.
also Airpush is known to have volatile eCPM’s.

So I admire your courage, but I’m going to wait a few weeks and then SLOWLY transition my banner ads to Airpush.
Keep in mind too, I have a very large amount of traffic – I appreciate Admob’s reliability and leadership position, even though the banner eCPM’s are horrible compared to Airpush.

Is that not possible to use mediation for banner ads? like mopub service, so you can always easily change traffic from one adNetwork to another… So, you dont need to release an update or etc things. I was thinking all big devs use mediation…
Out of theme question: Is that possible to use mediation, say admob, or mopub doesn’t matter, only for banner and do not use adnetworks sdks? I bet airpush sdk, even only with in-app ads, will get a virus alert…, so is it possible to use airpush banner ads with mediation not including their sdk in the app?

@Dealer thats a good idea…
it would be nice to use airpush through some other ad network mediation. Yesterday samsung apps rejected my game which had only airpush in-app sdk…The reason was that it contained push ads…I guess mediation is the only choice…As far as i know, no mediation network allows airpush in-app banner…not mobfox… admob?mopub?idk

yes no mediation for airpush. otherwise just imagination great combination of admob and airpush both of which have 99% + fill rate for almost all countries

What kind of apps do you have? Can you post your Google Play apps profile? Just to compare the type of apps with mine.

What is the fillrate for Airpush banner ads ?

Because with a lower fill rate one can get good eCPM with Admob as well (using Admob eCPM floor beta).

So if you set a high enough eCPM you will get higher eCPM - but then fill rate will plummet.

Better would be to say if Airpush banner ads gave more revenue for the same apps than Admob banner ads - was that the case ?

I’m seeing significantly higher overall revenue with Airpush banner ads compared to Admob, not just higher eCPM.
I’m still being cautious though and only keeping 1 app with Airpush banner ads for now. Will fully switch away from Admob by end of July if the #'s sustain.

Me too, I’ve very good eCPm and revenue, BUT stats are wrong : number of requests and fill rate are absolutely wrong.
On my dashboard I can see fill rate > 100% (…) and very low requests compare to what it should be. I don’t really like when network are cheating on their numbers…
And other thing : I’ve a 800$ difference between what they pay me for June and what dashboard show me. I’m pretty sure dashboard data are fake…

Airpush fill rates are almost always >100% and their dashboard data are also incorrect…but i dont really care as long as they pay more than other networks…:smiley:

regarding impressions, I have notices following points:

  1. Their ad servers are not as fast as admob. There is significant lag between displaying as once the ad request has been sent on load of activity
  2. Sometimes, just white banner comes up taking the space of actual banner. May be they count it as filled (fill rate) but don’t consider it in impressions

Can someone please clarify if Airpush banners pay only for the clicks or by number of impressions.

Can someone please clarify if Airpush banners pay only for the clicks or by number of impressions?

Any one know that?

You can use Adience AdBoost for this, they allow mediation with Airpush and a bunch of other networks. Worth a try…

Hey everybody, Airpush ads pay on an impression CPM basis. The associated CPM will be determined by your traffic and their level of engagement with the ads.
Our SDK also has call back listeners, and if an ad request cannot be filled, you can cascade down to another network, such as admob.

PM me if you have any questions.

Airpush Nick