banner advices

After i banned from admob i try startapp but it gives very low ecpm for banners then i try mopub but it has very low fillrate then add leadbolt html banner back fill but leadbolt give 0.00 revenue for 6990 imp…is there any advice my users from %80 turkey %20 others…

Use airpush banners they are better than admob but some antivirus flag them as adware…

Pm me if you want to use our newest beta SDKs that don’t get flagged by anti virus apps as adware.


I want to use backfill banner in mopub.airpush useable with mopub…and airpush without eula

You can also give HomeBase a try - it’s an out of app monetization tool that doesn’t interfere with any current endeavours you have in app (such as Airpush or StartApp as mentioned before).

You can try it out by signing up here.

HI Bardsoft,what’s your eCPM for banners using Startapp?

Startapp gives 0.01 for banners sometimes (one day in a month ) gives 0.10 max…its horrible i think.i try mopub marketplace its give 0.05 avarage but very low fillrate %25…

PM sent… Please check … tnx