Banner ads for 7" Tablets with MoPub

Hi all

I came across a rather odd situation with MoPub.

They only seems to support 320x50 and 728x90 banners (Nothing in-between these 2 sizes?).

So, on 10" tablet in portrait, we use a 728x90 banner (a ‘leaderboard’ banner) which is fine and looks great.

On phone handsets in portrait, I use a 320x50 banner which is also fine and looks great.

However, on a 7" tablet in portrait, (say, a Nexus 7, or even an 8.3" tablet - like a Hudl 2), there isn’t enough space to display a leaderboard banner. So the only option is a 320x50 banner which looks kind of ridiculous on such a large screen!

There is nothing in the MoPub dashboard which would seem to suggest they support a 480x60 banner.

However, I’m sure I must be missing something really obvious.

Does anyone here know how I can get a decent looking banner on a 7" tablet in portrait mode.

For additional information, I’m mediating AdMob through MoPub - I tried creating a custom banner in MoPub with a size of 468x60 hoping it would go fetch a 468x60 banner from AdMob, but nothing!

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

I know it’s been ages since this question was asked but I also struggled with this, mediating Mopub banners through Admob I got no impressions on 468x60 banners then I found this:

Supported ad sizes on the MoPub platform:

Phone: Banner (320×50), MRect (300×250), Fullscreen (320×480) and Native (custom defined dimensions)
Tablet: Leaderboard (728×90), MRect (300×250), Fullscreen (1024×768) and Native (custom defined dimensions)


Mopub should really mention this more openly because you have you find out the hard way… good luck!