Banner ad networks that pay weekly?

Anyone know of any banner ad networks that pay weekly? If so, what is the threshold? What kind of CPM rates do they have?

I’ve never come across one, which is surprising since that would give said company a huge advantage over the competition.
The best payment speed I’ve come across is AppBrain. Unfortunately as you may know, their banners can’t be allocated too heavily due to their limited “free app” theme.
They actually have an extensive list of other ad networks listed here: Ad networks - Android library statistics |
With that said, to find out payment terms you usually have to sign up first, which will result in countless follow up e-mails etc.

Thanks @A1ka1inE
Yea their payment schedule is not bad. I guess Leadbolt does weeklies…if you make 10k.
Can anyone recommend some good banner ad networks in general then? I’m running Leadbolt, MoPub marketplace and MobFox. I want to plug something else instead of MobFox. AppBrain is not really an option for me because of their limited “free app” theme that you mentioned.

Well it’s worth mediating with them in my experience. I have had good mileage with Millennial Media, but their payment terms are net60 which does suck.

Something to think about is that some networks stretch their payment terms. Admob is actually net 45, and Millennial Media is net 65-70.

Which is why I only use banner ads in my old apps that were designed to cater to banner ads. Haven’t released apps with banners in for while, since all the more profitable ad networks offer shorter payment terms.
You’ve got to wonder why all these banner ad companies are sticking to their long payment terms, when it’s clearly putting them at the front line of a dwindling battle. I understand it’s still a viable option to use banner ads for some devs, especially for really popular apps that can’t be held back by negative reviews etc, but I find it surprising that nothing is changing on the ad network end. Then again I suppose lots of these companies have/are expanding their ad units to new types like Interstitials and “Smart-Walls” etc. It will be interesting to see where these companies go in the near future, especially since there are so many of them about now.

What you guys meant by “FREE APP THEME” of Appbrain.! Just wondering.! was reading this post!

Hey All,

I just wanted to drop by and let you guys know that Airpush will be launching banner ads and other new features in the next few weeks. This will of course pay weekly just like our other ad units.


Their ads are all promoting other free apps. Their ads will always lead to a list of free apps, which, if downloaded, you are paid for. In this way the ad shown by them is limited to phrases like “Download free apps” etc, which are good in small doses, but won’t give good returns if used excessively since it’s almost the same ad each refresh.

Bout time! This going to be huge for you guys with weeklies.

Don’t let your eCPMs suck! Run matching promos every month, it does wonders for MMedia.

Sweet! looking forward to the banner ads. Been pretty satisfied with their smartwall performance. Also a plus that they provide net 7 payment.

I hope using banner ads from airpush (when available) won’t cause antivirus alerts as it does for push notifications…

It will.
That’s why Leadbolt split their SDK up. Airpush will need to do that too if they care about us devs.

LifeStreet does. Threshold is $10. What I like best about them is no SDK via mopub. They use tags.

While registering they ask a question:
How many monthly ad impressions are you currently generating, by operating system and geography (US vs. Rest of World)?

I suppose they would pay you good for US traffic than rest of the countries. Also fill rate for rest of countries would be low. My guess only.

I think that they are mainly interested in US/Canada/UK. They only buy a few impression/day per user, but still not bad. Definately want to use a mediator though. Anyone know if airpush uses tags?

Thanks for explaining. Yeah, I agree with you that poor ads. creatives won’t grab users’ attention and will eventually lead to poor click through rate. Also besides creatives, ads formats is another factor that determines the final revenue. Here is an interesting article talking about an experiment on how the “Push notifications” ads. format were performing comparing with other ads formats :slight_smile:Push notifications: an experiment

Any updates on Airpush banner ads, Phil? I’m looking forward to trying them out.