Banner ad alternative to AdMob?

Good evening, since I am one of those who´s got his AdMob ads disabled - in my case, they disabled ads for my most successful app (I still don´t get it why) - I am looking for an AdMob banner ad alternative.

Most of the people using my app come from USA (42%) and UK (9%) and I have around 400K downloads, 80K active users (I know, its a bad ratio, but it is so low due to a fact, that this app was unpublished by google for one month due to “Alleged trademark infringement”). I´ve tried AppBrain banners, but eCPM is around 0.20$ and impressions around 8-12K a day, which is pretty low, since I had 0.40-0.50$ eCPM and 40-50K impressions on AdMob (It used to be even more, like 90K a day before the app being unpublished).

I was thinking about Airpush banners, but they have some problems with them right now, I have implemented them but they pop-up very randomly. I will probably give it a try when they fix it.

What would you guys recommend me to try? What works the best for an ap with USA/EU users? Is Airpush right choice? Thanks :slight_smile: