Banned for creating "GTA 5 Cheats"

Hello friends,

Some weeks ago I got banned for creating “GTA 5 Cheats”, it was a normal app that shows all tricks for XBOX 360 and PS3.

Instantly the app got suspended, but I see a lot of these apps in Google Play with millions of downloads, and dont having problems.

Why does this happens? What do you recommend to me?


Google has been banning apps for very strange reasons and leaving apps that are virtually indeintical untouched. its honestly just the luck of the draw, At this point Google does whatever they want for whatever reason and you cant do anything about it.

this may seem harsh, but that’s how Google treats devs.

I do a lot of SEO to websites, and on Google Search Engines, it happends the same. Sometimes Google just ban you for no reason and you are ****ed.

Google is good for users, but way bad for developers. Thanks for answering Haxxo, do you have Skype so we can talk and help us? Thanks!

This is the way of thinking that you mustn’t follow if you want to publish apps on GP.

You can’t do anything right know. The only thing is to try to create new account on new computer(or vpn) with new e-mail and make sure google can’t connect your old account with your new one. But remember that google is like god of the internet and they know everything:D

Did you use images from GTA 5, I say thats what did you in.

Yesterday my Google dev account also terminated and now am thinking how I can get a new fresh account.

I have listed several things on paper which I need to follow as I am going to fool Google. Hope this will help you to get a new account.

  1. first, If you opened your account with your own credit card… then you will need a different person’s credit card who never use the card online. And all information related to the new credit card need to be different such as photo id, address prof, MOBILE NUMBER etc.

  2. Register the new account from different computer and on different WiFi … if you do not have one, you can go to any cyber cafe.(Any friend’s computer is highly recommended as you the need new computer in future use. )

  3. Now come back at home and never open the new account from your old computers or even from your old phone which you was using to log in your old suspended Google dev account… because every time you log in the account, Google save the device ip and internet provider’s information. so just stay away from the new account.

  4. Don’t log in to the new account from both your computers and the WiFi you used in past.

  5. Use the new computer and the new WiFi( Different owner ) as a base control system. and never use the new computer and the WiFi to log in your any previous related Google accounts(Recommended to delete all those old accounts for stay fully clean ).

  6. Don’t upload the old suspended app again.

  7. Don’t use the same old android device to get screen shots or videos.

  8. Now just develop a new app with everything new.

  9. Don’t produce the final product from your old computer. Just use it for developing and programming…

  10. transfer the source code of your newly created app to the new base control system and compile the file product from that.

  11. Use a different keystore and use different password… just all different.

  12. Upload the app on Google play… and respect the new account for future use.

All the steps I mention above are my solutions after Google suspended me. and I will follow the steps with highly discipline and hope all goes well.

Just for a moment think that you are the Google robot and you are just looking for any clue to find any previous suspended dev to **** them again…

No, I had GTA app without any images from the game, and still it was suspended shortly after publishing/

Well to some extent I agree with @haxxo because Google have started taking out lotteries that let us randomly select the application we need to banned anyway what did you put in the description I guess some copyright issue may have been shown up as I am not sure but GTA itself is registered trade mark and … let us wait a bit more to say what other experts have to talk about it !

i think mainly because google dont have enough man power to check every app, so they are banning what they just saw, google is always famous for bad customer service and always against average developers.

I started a petition on to address that. See and sign.
I’m working on expanding community support of the petition and to pressure Google into making changes, but these things take time since I have to work (even more now, since I was banned, too) and pay my bills.

I assume GTA 5 is a registered trademark, or at least GTA. The title “GTA 5 Cheats” can reasonably be understood as “Cheats app made by GTA 5 for GTA 5”. A disclaimer is needed in the description to say that GTA 5/Rockstar does not endorse you. Better off, “Cheats for GTA 5” would not indicate any trademark issues. Either way, Google shouldn’t handle it so crappily and may have banned you regardless.

Your app could have been removed for being repetitive, infringing trademarks, containing libraries Google has banned, or for some other stupid or valid reason.