Banned by Google Club

Did you get banned by Google and want to share your experience?
Did anyone ever got their account back after appeals?

I have written a blog post with my experience, please take a look at it and tell me what you think

furious software: Goggle BANNED me and my friends from Play Android Market

You have a spelling mistake - correct Nazy to Nazi.

Also you seem to have lifted whole paragraphs from posts here ! Something which will only reinforce the accusations of copy-paste behavior against your apps.

So while your methods maybe suspect, you will find some support here because it might just push Google to open up a bit more.

thank you, i’ve corrected the spelling error.
indeed i’ve used some of the posts here, they were well up to the subject and written quite on topic.
praise to the guy who invented copy-paste :slight_smile:
let’s hope google reads these posts :slight_smile:

@furioussoftware so what are your next plans. since you are not earning from android, do you have some job as backup? I read you have to support your family too.

I imagine those apps are still pulling in good money…

Well Google wants all websites in it’s index.

we all have that kind of experience. google is not human able