Banned Account

Hi, guys these idiots from Google banned my account today without any warnings or anything just got email with suspension and app violation they didn’t give me any warnings or anything to change something about my apps. I think that is very stupid because in real life you get warnings to change something and correct your mistake.

I am wondering how can I create a new account or buy it from someone a verified one?
I also want to know can I use the same pc?

Google is taking advantages of his power. Your account has been terminated and now it can not be recovered. The main reason of termination may be porn ads in your app. So now create a new account and follow all the instruction of Google Play Store. Use ad service of admob then your account will never be terminated. When any body take ad showing services of any other company the there are the chance of account termination because that company can show ads that are not following google rules. So to show ads in your app first analyze about ad provider company and then decide to monetize your app.

You need to be more specific and details on why Google ban you in the first place. Also, to be very careful and not to use trademark words/logo from other big brands. Otherwise, you will experience this ban without warning.

Any idea why they would ban you? Wouldn’t just be for no reason…

Yesterday my Google dev account also terminated and now am thinking how I can get a new fresh account.

I have listed several things on paper which I need to follow as I am going to fool Google. Hope this will help you to get a new account.

  1. first, If you opened your account with your own credit card… then you will need a different person’s credit card who never use the card online. And all information related to the new credit card need to be different such as photo id, address prof, MOBILE NUMBER etc.

  2. Register the new account from different computer and on different WiFi … if you do not have one, you can go to any cyber cafe.(Any friend’s computer is highly recommended as you the need new computer in future use. )

  3. Now come back at home and never open the new account from your old computers or even from your old phone which you was using to log in your old suspended Google dev account… because every time you log in the account, Google save the device ip and internet provider’s information. so just stay away from the new account.

  4. Don’t log in to the new account from both your computers and the WiFi you used in past.

  5. Use the new computer and the new WiFi( Different owner ) as a base control system. and never use the new computer and the WiFi to log in your any previous related Google accounts(Recommended to delete all those old accounts for stay fully clean ).

  6. Don’t upload the old suspended app again.

  7. Don’t use the same old android device to get screen shots or videos.

  8. Now just develop a new app with everything new.

  9. Don’t produce the final product from your old computer. Just use it for developing and programming…

  10. transfer the source code of your newly created app to the new base control system and compile the file product from that.

  11. Use a different keystore and use different password… just all different.

  12. Upload the app on Google play… and respect the new account for future use.

All the steps I mention above are my solutions after Google suspended me. and I will follow the steps with highly discipline and hope all goes well.

Just for a moment think that you are the Google robot and you are just looking for any clue to find any previous suspended dev to **** them again…

No 7. ?? can’t take screen shots and videos with old device??? Why is that? Does Google scan screenshots and videos too. This sounds scary. I now understand why many developers switch to iOs dev. when their account get banned

You can use the old device for testing your new apps on, and no, they do not scan screenshots and videos.

Just for your acknowledgement, here’s my short and sweet answer to your question:

  1. Buy a new Laptop/PC or use a VM
  2. Use a VPN
  3. New Keystore
  4. Completely different information when you sign up, including using a different card to purchase the developer account, phone number, address e.t.c.
  5. You’re done

The key is making a new Google account that seems completely legit to Google, you need to be someone else in their eyes, it’s not that hard.

Lol…all of that?? If you weren’t making more than $300 a day then what’s really the point??

That’s not a question. If you love android as I do and trying to build you name as a successful dev… and then if someone takes your dream from you forever , then what would you do. Would you just forgot your dream, your passion ? Never!.. right?

Definitely I understand what you’re saying but if it’s, your dream, your passion you would be careful and go by the rules to not get banned in the first place… Right?

Hi Guys,

Sorry to hear your accounts have been banned. Google often bans accounts without adequate reasoning. Hopefully you’ll be able to get a new developer account, be sure not to use the same credit card to purchase the account as if they link them together all your accounts will be terminated from what I’ve been told.

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Always sad to hear Gplay developer accounts getting banned. Just remember that there are numerous other 3rd party android markets to test out. Granted, they may not get as much traffic as Google Play, but they all have more lax polices and you are alot less likely to get banned. The Airpush Bundle 2 SDK is for these 3rd party markets, and pays up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA opt in world wide, at a $50 eCPM.

Please let me know if you would like to test it out and I can get it enabled on your account. I can always share my list of 3rd party markets too.

Good luck!
Airpush Nick

Too bad that once Google ban there would be no return (unless with the above methods). If i was Google play policy manager, I would’ve ban people not following the policy and offer them a chance to return at cost 5 times the last cost. So 25->125$->625->2000ish… Etc
At least people will think twice before breaking rules and if they did by mistake then there is a chance but wit higher cost. Hopefully Google read this thread and consider it.

Good luck man! My sympathy goes to you

The point is that rules are not clear and you cannot defend yourself in case they judge you wrong. Google is just stupid and evil in its behaviour.

  1. Don’t use the same old android device to get screen shots or videos.

you are overly paranoid. Images / Videos doesn’t contain computer information, if it does than i would be afraid to post photo online.

some kind of information is available in camera pictures:

how it works
Every photo you take with your digital camera contains hidden information about both the image and the camera such as the make, model and date. This information, called exif data, can also include a unique serial number which identifies your camera.
Stolen Camera Finder - find your photos, find your camera

  1. screenshot is not camera output
  2. no exif in png right? i’ve been through some png text info viewer, nothing from android whatsoever CMIIW.

i dont think you really need to follow this if you are publishing an app which does not violate there policy, i don’t think Google have time to check if user have already registered or not, and most of the mobile app companies have multiple play store account too, but if you publish a policy violating app even after taking all these steps they will ban you.

so if your account is disabled, create a new account and publish app which does not violate there policy.

if you are trying to hide something wrong from google then you wont win, what ever, am against google as they are using automated system to check the app integrity, it feel like no humans are used.

Firstly, Please sign my petition on which is to address Google’s termination policies.

$300 a day (~9k a month) is probably a ton of money to indie developers. I personally was making about $2500 a month (before paying taxes) and that supported my rent, power, car payment, insurance, and other bills, business expenses, and recreation. Then Google banned me and I still get some residual revenue from the ads in my app, but it really negatively affects my ability to live.

I think it very improtant to know these steps - and if you ar serious about your developer acount so do these steps