Bank SMS - manage expense using SMS Banking

Bank SMS is a small free app that receives the SMS and notifications from your bank or credit card company and store them in HandWallet.

In order to use this app you MUST install first HandWallet - a free professional expense manager that helps you to control your expense, accounts, bills and budget.

After installing “HandWallet” and “Bank SMS” teach the app how to recognize any SMS that you receive from your bank or credit card company. Mark the date of the purchase, amount, payee and any other information that may change in the SMS structure. From this moment any SMS you receive with the same format will create automatically a transaction (“Action”) inside HandWallet Expense Manager.
You can later classify these transactions, view statistics and graphs about them, add details like pictures or remarks and combine them with information from other sources.

Why to use Bank SMS ?
Bank SMS is the most secured, automated and easy way to manage your expense:

  1. Collecting the SMS from your bank and credit card company will help you to manage all your expense and financial transactions in one place. By doing so will be able to see the complete picture of all your financial activities without the need to use several apps: one from your bank, one for each credit card company you work with and one for cash transactions.

  2. By using Bank SMS you don’t need to type anymore! All the information is entered automatically (if included in the SMS).

  3. The data is located ONLY on your phone or tablet. You do not need to rely on 3rd party companies like Mint, Quicken or Yodlee. You DO NOT need to be concerned from privacy issues and you will never receive any “commercial offers” from companies that get the information from the bank for you. Work directly with your bank or credit card company without any “company in the middle”

  4. You do not need to enter your private identification details (user name, password, account number etc).

  5. “Online” has never been so immediate. Banking SMS and notifications appears many times BEFORE the bank or credit card company web site is updated and long time before Mint, Quicken or Yodlee scan your accounts.
    The Bank SMS app supports thousands of banks including Bank of America, Capital One, J.P.Morgan Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Citibank / Citigroup, US Bank, PNC, Morgan Stanley HSBC and more!