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Bangla TV Free IP TV


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Bangla TV FREE is an Android Application by which you can watch Most Popular Bangla TV Channels anytime and from anywhere. This is one of the biggest resources of Bangladesi TV Channels where you are able to watch your favorite Bangladeshi TV Channels. And the channels are totally Free!

The application is so smooth so that you just don’t get bother of watching a TV. The UI is very user friendly and so damn attractive. You just can’t resist yourself from watching! Entering into the application, you will get the list of TV Channels. You just have to select your desired ones and you will enjoy!

This is a Free IP TV which will alow you to watch most of the Popular Bangla Channels. Features of the Application:

-Most Popular Bangla TV channels
-No need to have “Adobe Flash Player”
-Interactive Streaming Player
-No sign-up required
-Automatically update new channels.

So download the Application from the following link and enjoy!

A very good application for Android TV, especially if you have a 4K TV. But there are problems with a blurry picture. I noticed that this is due to the settings of the TV itself. So I found out why is my 4k tv blurry in the blog. After these manipulations, everything began to show cleanly.

If you’re still around on the forum, I’d love to know if the Bangla TV Free IP TV app is still doing well and if it’s received any updates. New channels, perhaps?

It’s awesome to hear about a service that’s doing great things for the Bangladeshi TV community, especially one that’s user-friendly and doesn’t require sign-ups! I know your post is from way back in '17, but it sounds like the app you mentioned was ahead of its time. The ability to watch channels without needing Adobe Flash Player? Pretty impressive for back then!
Speaking of streaming innovations, have you heard of so player on firestick? It’s another way to get an extensive range of channels on your TV, and it’s super easy to install and use. The interface is designed to be as smooth as possible, and there are no annoying sign-up requirements.