Ban Danger from Google if my Layout looks similar to others?

I have an App which is doing average. its layout looks pretty similar to another similar App.
Today, i got a mail from that developer saying he will complain to Google regarding this if i will not change it soon.

Truth is, i have not copied anything from his app at all. it must be a co-incidence that entire layout and button placements is similar.
I do not want to change my layout.

Am i in Ban Danger from Google if my Layout looks similar to others?

I’m not sure about Google, but I think they would not ban you with conctacting you first.

I got an email from Apple one time, about an app with possible copyright infringement. They open a “ticket” and sent me the complaint and email contact of the person so I could resolve the problem.

Who ever was first, will get the upper hand. Google will remove the app from the country that the original app has certification. I know of this because Zedge complained about me, and they used the same free wallpapers I used. Then again, if you’re both small, google might not give a shit.

My app is doing just average and not much popular. I have published my App long back and it has different layout at that time.
then suddenly i changed it one week back to another layout and accidentally it matched with another similar App’s layout and button plaements.
I have not used any copyright content. its just my own content. its just a co-incidence that my main layout has matched with another device.
i have many other features which is not provided by another publisher.

Do you guys still think that i should change the layout of my main screen? My app performs streaming related stuff and downloading.

I honestly dont know. There is a new system in place, so who knows. It would be the waiting game. Can I see links to both apps?

sent you link of my App in PM.
His App is kicked out of Market last week due to violation of ads placement. so his App is no more in market.

If his app is out from the market then you no need to worry about any ban, you no need to do any changes for your app I think.

This is my view:
If the layout is same but the resources used in that layout is different(like images or sound or color) means it won’t be taken as copied or duplicate.

If you have any images or link to his application and your application you can share so it would be easy for to tell is both are same or not.