Baidu's DAP platform, boost your eCPM

This is Fan from Baidu, a leading Internet company in China. Baidu just released its DAP(Du Ad Platform) SDK to help Android Developers monetize their traffic. Baidu DAP has been working with top publishers worldwide, including ES file manager, Hola Launcher, Amber weather etc.

SDK features:

  • Package size around 100K, easy to integrate;
  • Minimum requirement of permission, we care for user privacy;
  • Ad units: Native Ads, Interstitials, Offer wall; No harm to user experience;
  • Connected to Direct advertisers & Major networks;
  • Solid background in algorithms, tested & trained with Baidu’s own app, Du speed booster, Battery Saver etc;
  • 100% percent revenue share.
  • 100% safe, FULLY COMPLIANT with GP Policy.
  • Fill rate can reach up to 99.96%;


Payment: Monthly. Submit the application of Payment in the system before 6th of every month, you will receive the payment end of that month.

Note:If you have any questions/problems, try to reach me from Monday to Friday (GMT+8) as you can.

Contact me for more details.
Skype: zhang.fan64
Mail: [email protected]

Check for the latest updates here.

wow! Another ad network! Do you have ads for all countries or just China?

Baidu offers ads all over the world

Hmmm. du ad network.
Du battery booster is your app? :smiley:

About quick charge SDK, does the ads shows out of app and will it against Google policy?

It was their app as mentioned in the post. Baidu is the largest search engine company in China if you don’t know.张帆-fan-zhang?trk=prof-post

Do you plan to also have a version strictly for GP?

yes, you can register at, this one is fully comply with Google policy

You came in the perfect time as one of the ad networks (mobileCore) I used is having too much problem.

I am going to give it a try.

Great, you can contact me once there is any problem

I tried to register at the website but the SDK seems to serve only Native Ads, isn’t there an SDK for Interstitial Ads too?
And do you maybe have a MoPub adapter?

Payement cycle? Minimum payment threshhold?

Is your ad Google Play compliant?

The Interstitial ads is under update this week. We do not have a Mopub adapter now

Yes, it is fully compliant with Google Play Policy

Monthly payment, no minimum threshold

Is your advertising model CPM/CPC based or CPI/CPA based.

To Put all questions together:

  1. Is the SDK Google compliant?
    Yes, it is fully compliant with Google Policy.

  2. What is the Payment method & terms?
    Monthly Payment, You can submit the payment application thru the system.

  3. Pricing Model?
    The major pricing model is CPI, We also have some CPM branding campaigns, but not many.

I just registered and I wish to know if your quick charge ads Is Google Play compliant?