Nothing like having the Google guys review your app, and then run out of time and NOT actually review your app…

54min 20sec in…


Now get to fix your app for tablets fast :wink:

Heh… I have 20k Amazon users… so almost all of them are Kindle Fire users. Works perfectly.

But I get their point. It is basically just a scaled version of the phone version. There should be a native tablet mode that takes advantage of all that screen space.

Working on it now :wink:

Hmmm just how ‘bad’ would it be to put a perm 300x250 advert on a tablet layout ? <evil grin>

I did something similar on my game Tablet Tower Defense.

Well it is not truely permanent, it is only permanent during game menu, but it points the same difficulties you will experience: Different Screen Sizes and Resolutions (PPI).

See, there are many devices out there with many different screen sizes and resolutions. The Screen “Size” you can filter in your manifest, does only cover some aspects but not the whole thing.

Your app (or game) has to be very aware of “room managment” to fit every device proportions.

In games this is much more difficult because the game is working on a pixel base while the ad is working on dips … ba combination which leads to unexpected overlapping on some devices.

In Games you can either check the PPI value or get the width from the ad-layer … both is working for me in some other games, so it would also work with rectangular ads.

Be sure to check the comments regulary because users will instantly complain, when the ad is disturbing their experience xD

In Tablet Tower Defense I don’t care very much, because there is a ad-free version available and the max overlapping does not make the game unplayable … it’s more a visual thing :slight_smile:

Nethertheless - there are not very much complains about THIS specific ad, because there is another one with pops up during game play, which players dislike much more

But I don’t think it is a good thing to waste nearly the half of the screen on a permanent base … users will also don’t like that :slight_smile:

Shipped it last night on android market. It works like this on tablets:

Landscape mode (locked on startup if tablet is detected, but there is an override in options).

  • screen divided into left/right. Left side = game play area. Right side top = words users found. Right side bottom = 300x250 advert.

Portrait mode (also locked on startup) aka: phone mode. Same as it was previously with 320x50 banners.

I agree with you though. I spent a lot of time messing with different layouts and resolutions/etc. Emulators rule (except when they crash because they cannot handle adverts!)

Ah well, hopefully they’ll review the new & updated version this Friday :slight_smile:

Well, got a proper review this week of WordHero.


23:00 min into the video.

I wonder how you get your app to get reviewed …? Have you used this moderator site?

I’ve putted up Robo Miner right at the start of this moderator thingy. With every new app uploaded there, I got 1 bad vote xD

This way Robo Miner started in the top 5 every week, but was then voted out - so it restarts in the top 5 the next week.

I dismissed any expectations then on this moderator thingy because ppl link their app and do bad vote all other apps … that’s pointless :slight_smile:

@mind: do you see any impact on your downloads after your app featured in the video?

Nice! I Also like the constructive criticism they gave, they did it without bashing the app. Great reviewers that give tips on how to improve the app. :slight_smile:

Well, I certainly did not downvote anyone else’s app. It just never occurred to me.

I did not get lucky… my app is HORRIBLY HORRIBLY addictive. You can see it on camera, when one of them starts playing it and ALL his attention goes to the game as he gets sucked into it.

Also, I use Google App Engine as the backend… cross promoting another Google product is always good.

@reiti: no improvement. The big “WIN” for me would be for WordHero to get featured in the Google Play store.

Also: Kindle users dislike the new Tablet mode and have reduced the amount they play. You can see it for this week in the traffic graphs (updated, look in the Income section)

Well, seems like a very positive review they gave you. All that work you put into the tablet interface paid off in the end :slight_smile: And it even sounds hopeful that you might get featured… that would be a great boost!

Well, I did some social engineering, got the email addresses of one of the guys and asked him to submit WordHero for inclusion in the Google Play ‘featured’ section.

No, you can’t have his email, so don’t ask. Sorry!