Bad reviews for a Google Play problem (I think)

Last days my apps are receiving bad reviews because the apps can’t be downloaded (1 day for a 10MB app or so). I think that it is a Google Play problem, but I don’k know what steps I should take, because obviously the user just want to install, and he/she just want to download the app, and as he/she can’t, bad review. It is affecting the overall rating, and I am a bit worried about it. Have you experienced a similar issue?

I have seen some games where they first install as it is (< 1MB) and then when you open them for first time, they would go and download some package for whole game. Don’t know how do they do it.

I had one bad review due to this.

There’s some problems lately: Play Store Update to 4.3.10 Causing ?Package file is invalid? Error for Many During App Updates ? Droid Life

Also you can check this discussion on reddit:

It can be done as follows: APK Expansion Files | Android Developers

I have done it one time and from my experience I can say that if your app really doesn’t go over 50MB limit (my app was close to 50MB) then it’s not worth to do that.

Google’s aware of the problem: