[B] [Free] Paint My Phone : Use textures of famous paintings to paint your phone [/B]

Original description:

Paint My Phone

Paint my Phone is a fun app that transforms your phone into a painting.
It’s very simple: You choose one of the famous paintings and the app will apply a filter, extracted from the texture of the painting and overlay it over everything on your phone.
It’s looks especially beautiful when watching videos or photos but it makes browsing the internet for instance a lot more interesting too!


★ 5 Painting styles, extracted from famous paintings, to apply on your screen.
★ The filter will only go away when you tell it to, you can close the app whenever you like!
★ Makes your screen look old and stylish.
★ More painting styles will be coming soon!

The ‘Paint My Phone’ app is a artistic app for everyone that wants a fresh look for his phone!

Have Fun!

Please have a look, every feedback is welcome!

Link to Google Play Store