Azu:Hunter From the Stone Age

Azu hunter from the Stone Age app will definitely strike you, because here you’ll be converted into the caveman! So as soon as you start playing this exciting game, you’ll be transferred into the mysterious and dangerous world of dinosaurs!

This app gives you a bright opportunity to forget about everything and immerse yourself into the dangerous Stone Age! Imagine – the fossil pterodactyl and even the tribe of cavemen will rise from the ashes and present themselves to you in all their beauty and greatness! So don’t lose this unique chance - just download this Azu hunter from the Stone Age app and become absorbed by the completely different world!

This game transfers you into the world of cavemen and pterodactyls, where our ancestors are hunting for the dinos. You’re playing as one of the cavemen and hence your aim here is to kill as many pterodactyls as possible! They’re periodically appearing on the screen of your smartphone, so you’ll not have any difficulties to find them.

But don’t think that it’s so easy to catch and shoot the pterodactyl – each of them is very sly and you should try a lot in order to get at least one dino! Moreover the special thrill of this game is that you’ll be hunting not with guns, but with bones! In order to shoot the beast with the bone you should just touch the screen of your phone and that’s all!In addition the quantity of bones is limited, so you should learn how to use them properly! So try hard, become the best hunter and pass all the levels of this game. And by the way, there’re a lot of levels, so you definitely won’t be bored by this app!

As you see, the Azu hunter from the Stone Age app enables you to develop your hunting abilities! Isn’t it awesome? Everything is up to you – if you try a lot, you’ll become the cutest hunter and kill a huge quantity of pterodactyls!

In addition besides pterodactyls, there’re other creatures that also periodically appear on the screen of the phone –a small pangolin and a winged man, but you shouldn’t kill them in any case! If you kill any of them, the game will be over! And by the way this winged man is the Azu hunter in the flesh! So as you see you should be very attentive in this game! Are you ready to accept the challenge and start the most awesome virtual adventure? So if you’re not a coward, you response will be “Yes”!

Furthermore there’re additional features of this Azu hunter from the Stone Age app that will definitely suit everybody’s taste! First of all this app is absolutely free of charge – you’ll not spend any money on its downloading!

And in addition it’s a sort of offline game, so it doesn’t require internet connection - once you’ve downloaded it, you won’t worry about internet traffic! So don’t miss such a brilliant chance to download vivid and dynamic game for free! You lose nothing by this action, but acquire a lot!

Download and install Azu hunter from the Stone Age app right now and enjoy this great game!