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aZombie Dead City Zombie Shooting Game

Shoot all the zombies or they will turn you into their meal, it is a question of survival!

Now is the right time to be brave, save what’s left of humanity and stop the apocalypse. You are the chosen one and the last hope this fallen city has. It all depends on you; survivors believe in you, do not let them down.

Prepare for the real zombie infestation, it won’t be easy so you need to be brave. Remember, you are the only hope this city has, so do not let zombies rule the city. You must become a true zombie shooter if you want to survive, there is no other way. Choose your weapon, start shooting and stop the zombies from turning you into a meal.

The time is running out, you are in a lifeless zone and you have to start your mission immediately. Download a Zombie: Dead City game for Android and we are sure that you will have a lot of fun, like you never did before in your life. A lot of missions, a lot of weapons and a lot of zombies are waiting for you.

a Zombie: Dead City application has been created for entertainment purposes only.

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