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I paid for 2k installs (about $200 worth). Note that these are incentivized installs, and NOT their “high retention” installs (which cost more).

Number of players in the game per day:
before: 540
day of installs: 805
day after installs: 570

Soo… not a complete waste, but it seems that the cost per install was higher than I expected.

Only 265 players in day of install? So basically, about 85% of users didn’t launch app at all?

I wonder how it affects ranking. 2000 installs in one day, probably 85% uninstalls within couple of minutes. Google is probably tracking it. So i wonder if it may do more harm, than good. What do you think?

So you launched a new Hero title and i see you did some nice reuse of previous assets and code, smart move! Good luck with it

Soo… that is a REALLY GOOD question. Only Google knows the answer. My assumption is that it they don’t care about how long things are installed. When I interviewed at Google in California a few years ago, they told me they care about the rate-of-change of installs.

If you look at WordHero, you see the following:

  • more addictive than drugs
  • people play for months/years
  • with no advertizing, DAU degrades by under 500/month
  • people play every day, multiple times a day for 30minute+ sessions
  • 3 mil installs
  • 4.5 rating

You would think that a game like that would be really high on the download list, but it is completely un-discoverable. THIS is why I claim that Google Play’s discover-ability is broken. The reality is that Google has ZERO incentive to fix it. Why would they when the current system results in companies like King.com spending $400million/year in advertizing!

Thanks. However, those stats are for WordSearch Hero.

Math Hero is an experiment to see how 300x250 ads in a dialog on the Results Activity part of the game cycle monetize. It only took my 6 months to write it. Mostly because:

  1. I had to redo all the actionbar crap with appCompat instead of Actionbar sherlock. FSCK Google and ‘forgetting’ to do PreferenceActivity
  2. I moved to a new state
  3. Christmas/etc
  4. 2 other projects going on too
  5. Updates to other apps
  6. Lazy :slight_smile:

My personal experience is that Google could penalise quick uninstalls heavily. Some time ago I’ve spent quite a lot of money on incent installs and the game dropped in both rankings and search results, it was painful to watch. Maybe I did something wrong, maybe it is the nature of incent installs.
where does the advertiser’s in question traffic come from?

Did you spent the money after the 30 day window? Can you give us an estimate of the number of downloads u bought? thanks!

Yes, after 30 days window. As for the #, as far as I remember it was around 25k on day 1, around 10k on day 2. Not a massive success, as it turned out :slight_smile: