Avocarrot fill rate going down a lot

Anyone else experienced a huge drop in fill rate in the last month? I went from something like 75% to about 20%

For us it’s not the fill-rate but the revenue has dropped by more than 50% since 20 days. When we contacted them they said their best campaigns have ended and they are working for more better campaigns.

Yeah, same kind of answer for me too.
So your ecpm dropped instead of fill rate?

It is a shit company, leave it and switch over to some other. Avocarrot will give u 2$ cpm for first 2 months and once u are convinced they’ll reduce your cpm down to 0.2$ slowly and then give you bullshit reasons that we have new ad campaigns coming over next week wait for your cpm it will rise. It’s a ****ing fraud company. Switch over guys!!!

Even if I may agree with the Avocarrot revenue going down over time… who do you suggest to replace them with? only good/decent Native Ads networks are FAN and MoPub and I am using them already. Still waiting for AdMob to go public. What else?

Edit: lol yesterday fill rate was 9%…

Hmm you are already using good ones buddy, coz for now only FAN and admob can be trusted. It’s end of the financial year so all cpm will be down for now. Hopefully admob will get better in month of April May. If you using any cpi ads appnext can be good choice. But cpi networks you never know, u may earn worse or just good. So just continue with FAN n admob n wait to see some improvements in April.

yes, our eCPM have dropped by over 50%. Regarding fill-rates, for Android its fine but for iOS even the fill-rate dropped to around 30-40%.

It’s getting really ridiculous… I went from about 30$ a day to 7$ a day now

yea happen to me too they was the best but …

Hi everyone - we are aware about the large drops in fill rate that some apps have experienced over the last weeks and we are in constant communication both with our existing and new advertising partners, to understand better their bidding preferences and communicate these to the Avocarrot developers that got affected so that we can improve their performance. Some advertisers have strong preferences for particular apps (usually due to good post-click performance) and after an initial evaluation period, they shift the majority of their budgets towards them, and stop caring about the rest. We are trying to prevent this by providing the necessary knowledge and tools to all apps in our network to become more attractive to advertisers.

We are also adding more advertisers on the platform so that we can become more bulletproof to such fill rate fluctuations as we move forward.

In a few other cases, some apps got blacklisted from certain DSPs because they didn’t include a valid Google Play URL - whenever we become aware of such issues, we’ll immediate notify the developer to fix it and try to resume normal bidding activity.

If your app performance is lower than expected, please contact our support team or PM me, and we’ll do our best to help.

Most of my Apps don’t even have a Google Play link. (as it wasn’t required before)
And when I talked with support a couple of times already in the last week nobody mentioned about this.

@tacchan23 Google Play links are not a requirement but a strong recommendation at this stage.

We’ve notified all the publishers that got affected and if you haven’t received a notice, it means your account was still in good standing. I’d strongly suggest to use Google Play URLs when available, and make sure that you update the URLs if there’s a change and the original link no longer is valid.

@mak its usless even if using google play link , i did tried and nothing happen , Avocarrot was the best but i think will be dead like others soon .

this from app that have google play link :


Thanks for sharing the screenshot @LastSoul

We want to continue working together and we’ll do our best to increase again the eCPM/fill rate for your app as we’ve done in the past. We’ve already made some suggestions to your account and will continue doing so until we can reach the desired results.

I tried to turn on the Ad Mediation but ecpm rates are too low to use it… (I mean, it could be fine if the main Avcarrot market could fill at least 50% of requests… but not with the 10% fill rate I have now)

what your ecpm ?

Avocarrot Ecpm have been stable for me at about 0.5$ (Native Ads only). But fill rate went from 70-80% to 7-8% in 1 month.

mine is so bad ecpm and fille rate 40-50%.

how much ad request you could make per day ?

My ecpm went to $0.05 today very disappointed :frowning: