avocarrot - any info?

Does anyone use avocarrot? I’m curious how is with their eCPM and SDK working

eCPm was great at first(about 6-7$) now it’s 1.5$ for games. I got the first payment few days ago. They are working net30.

for me is $2-3
pay me first day of month for month before

@mmmkkksss do you have any specific questions I might be able to answer?

It’s a straightforward SDK integration (download + initialize) and then you can create a native ad either by using the available templates (can be optimized at any time and in real-time from your dashboard) or by a completely custom integration where you have full control on how and where the native ad will appear.

Hi! 4 quick questions:

  1. Where do you have your company office? I need it to calculate my tax
  2. How long are you in the business?
  3. Are you correlated with Notifymob? Your dashboard looks the same as their (or their looks the same as yours:P)
  4. Will there be option to pay by wire, not PP?

Hey! Quick answers:

  1. Company HQ is London, United Kingdom (for your tax purposes) and we’ll also have offices in SF, USA and Athens, Greece (we are hiring)
  2. 2+ years in business but officially launched in beta about a year ago. VC-backed (if that matters)
  3. No correlation with anybody (you can read more about the company here). We just launched a new dashboard UI 3 days ago and it’s part of an overall effort to streamline further the entire app developer experience from start-to-finish. Any similiraties are probably coincidental.
  4. Both PP and wire (you can also read more about the payment terms in the FAQ here)

@mak, u have banner ads also?

@pongman - no banner ads from Avocarrot, we specialize in native ads.

To get a better understanding, you can see below a few example native ads integrations (and check out their respective open-source code here):

Also, have in mind that these can be fully customized by you to match the look & feel of any app UI. This high flexibility is actually one of the major advantages of native ads over traditional banner ads, especially for publishers that insist on a clean UX.

We have been actively using Avocarrot since 3 months. We only use their native Ads in our apps and they definitely outperform banner Ads by 2-4 times. We have 90% of our traffic from India and they have around 80% fill-rates. They are also CPC/CPM based so they even pay for clicks and impressions.

If anyone is interested in trying Avocarrot Ads, please signup using the below referral link:
App Monetization with Native Ads | Mobile Ad Network | Avocarrot


post sample stat I will sign up with your ref link.


Please find my earning from Feb 19th-26th. As of now Avocarrot doesn’t provide eCPM, CTR and more details like traffic from which country etc. They said they are working on it.Hope we will see it soon. I am satisfied with their earnings so far as they are consistent.



Any more info on them? Anybody else able to post stats please

@MilesP if you have any specific questions that I can answer, let me know!

I added one app with them… I will post here if I will get some decent traffic…