Average session time?

Hey guys,

I was wondering what is considered to be a good average session time?

Currently I have two apps both are in the tools category, one of them is averaging around 5-6min and the other one around 2min.

I am using google analytics for that gathering that info.

What about you guys what timings does your apps usually get?

It´s really impossible to tell without knowing whats the app about. An ebook reader could have an average of 30 mins, while a flashlight only a couple seconds.
We got games with average sessions ranging from 1 to 18 mins, it really depends on the type of game…

I second that, we had games with avg session time around 4 mins, we had some with over 25 minutes. It all depends. Tell us more about your project.

I would think utilities apps are at a great disadvantage. Reason being most utility apps consists of setup and search screen. For setup, they will take a very short time to set them up and then exit the app. Phones with slow internet connection will get delayed interstitial ad popping up and viola you get rejected from gp. It seems interstitial ad format is not a good fit for utility apps.

I have two utility apps that get around 5 to 7 minutes average time.

I have one utility app with 60k unique daily users, and around 50 seconds of average session time.

Needless to say, that influences a lot the ecpms I get.