AutoTranslator Tool for Google Play Descriptions - connects with your Google Play!

For people who don’t want my site, ebooks but autotranslator standalone!

Stop translating your application description and title manualy. Connect our auto-translator to your Google Play Console and do it in seconds!

Description and Title – Autotranslate tool for Google Play Console
-works on every device and operating system
-you can type your description and title, push translate and update, your application will be updated with new languages
-using bing translate for unlimited applications
-can manage multiple Google Play accounts
-works from multiple instances for multiple applications or accounts

How it’s really works? People sended me some translator for $10 and told that is cheaper but there is not translator what is connecting to your google play console!

  1. Add translator in your API in Google Play Console – we don’t request any login/password!
  2. Provide API key in translator settings and it’s configured!
  3. Paste your description/title in English or your other national language
  4. Click Translate and tool will translate it into all languages in Google Play Console
  5. Click Start Upload and thanks to Google Play Console API, tool will add all languages to your app automaticaly and save your app!

*It is not manual tool, there is not manual things! All is automatic. Copy&paste from google translate is over! Tool will make it for you automaticaly in 15 seconds!

Why it’s using Bing Translation Service but not Google Translator?
Google Translator can ban you for using external software and multiple queries. There is limit for Google Translator, so we used Bing without any limit and free.

Do you know different language?

Probably not but do not worry, use Google Translate or Bing Translate service to prepare your description and title. Using it manualy takes usualy additional 20 minutes. I think it is necessary, even Google Play is translating descriptions automaticaly, user have to tap it in his store application. Translation with some autotranslate tool isn’t correct but belive me, user is not reading description! 70% are watching screens only before install your application. So why to use translations when user is not reading? The only one reason is keyword purpose. If you translate it for each possible language in Google Play console, you have additional, several dozen descriptions and titles with your keywords. Ofcourse, for example „music player” in English, will be „odtwarzacz muzyki” in Polish but you have additional wide range in search enginge. Read about „long tail” technique in SEO, translations works like long tail in Google Play.

Additional translations can boost your downloads in Google Play dramaticaly. I remember my old friend, who had good application in the store but not translated his description and title. I asked him to make this simple way and he got 30% more downloads next day. This can be happen thanks to Google Play, even they can autotranslate descriptions for users, they have not stored translated keywords. It is automatic service. More descriptions, more keywords in database for search engine script and more ways to find your application in Android forest.

HOW TO BUY IT? SEND $70 to [email protected] paypal, your autotranslator will be sended back to your paypal email in maximum 5 hours (depends time zone, can be 1h too)