Automated (or semi-automated) Way to Add Translations

Hi Guys,

I’m thinking of an automated or semi-automated way to add translated descriptions (from google translate) to the Google Play.
Any ideas to automate it?

Using Bing API but it would required hitting bing servers for translation. Better translate once and include it as part of your app with values-xx and raw-xx folders

I just came to know today that Google search engine penalizes websites with automated translation text because of the poor quality of automated tools like Google translate. I think same should be applicable to android apps (if not now then soon). So I guess its better to have manual translation.

There is now a developer console API: Google Play Developer API  |  Google for Developers So you can do things like modify your listings from a program. So it should be possible to write a program to fill in your translations for every language for each of your apps. Probably wouldn’t be too hard to write. The program could probably even scrape the translations from Google Translate and do everything for you.

Hi. Exactly, I made such thing last time. Everything works great. But to get it worked you have to create google console project for every account I want to translate some app. Anyone knows if there is a solutions without creating project in google console? Is it possible to use 1 project for other accounts? I tried it, but I can’t connect project which belongs to the other gmail account…

BTW. even with creating project - translating takes about 10-20 sec. and without my manual “copy-paste”. Very nice solution :slight_smile:

I have “script” to translate description and title (via google translator) and then fill it on google play developer page. The last part on javascript. I used it about a year, but now you can use google play developer console api, it’s better.

API is OK for putting translated text. But to translate from base language you need bing API. You use google translate and I think it’s better… Can you share your script?

I use this one Usage of Google Translator Api For Free !!! « Rupesh Patel Web Developer

Could you elaborate your method and share the script you’re using to past the translated text (app description and title) to the Google Play Dev account?