Auto publish your app to 3rd party app stores

Just imagine, you upload .zip file with apk, 2 - 8 screenshots, one icon and file with description one time on web site and your app will be automatically published on 3rd party app stores in one hour. Publish on your accounts in every store or create it for you.
Sounds great!

I can make such a system, but I want to know your opinion, would you use it ?

If you know any system, please, share.
Feel free to write any crazy ideas in your head:)

Depends upon which app stores the app will be submitted

and on gp under another developer account as well?

For example amazon, samsung, GetJar, AppBrain, SlideMe, Opera, 1Mobile Market, Mobile9, Mobango or your variant.
Found statistics about stores Analytics of Android App Stores| One Platform Foundation

I’m not sure about google play. Because it difficult and risky login into account from another country ip.
I already have software to auto publish apps on google play, but it needs same ip of account was last logged. That’s why if I have usa google play developer account, I need usa ip to login.

No, I meant that it’s great idea for business:

  1. Tell ppl to upload their apk into your server
  2. Upload their apk into your dev account
  3. Be rich


I would use it, but price must be <1$. For 1$ you can make an offer on some services where people from all over the world can publish apps for you (like or whatever). I heard that you can get even 4 apps published on 2-3 markets for 1$.

Wow;) I even did not thought about it:)
You can do it now, download any apk, decompile, change admob, compile to apk, publish, profit :slight_smile:

Thats actually a very valid reason not to use the service.

If you produce unoriginal apps in dozens per moth, this is a great service that could save considerable time.

On the other hand if you have a quality product, you want to protect it.

Yes I would use it, I would pay >$1 per store if quality of my submission was good. To clarify, this is per submission, not per published app that you will charge for?

LOL people… What is the difference if you will give him an .apk file to submission and situation when he can download your .apk from GP?

Yes, I mean per submission. That’s good, if service support 10 and more stores, just pay $1-5 and your app will be published in every store.
But, of course, you can select stores to publish.

You’re right. Absolutely no difference. It’s easy to get any apk by this service APK Downloader [Latest] Download Directly | Chrome Extension v2.1.2 (Evozi Official) or just pull via adb from device.

Hey, it’s your business and your free to igonore any concerns and advice, but I will explain the concern to you: you would be able to publish my app before me, therefore giving potentially a lot more trouble than someone who just copies the app, as app stores have easy way of detecting that.

Hmm, that’s the point.
But, anyway, I’m not gonna do like that, I’m used to work clear and honest.

Eee, in my opinion you are freaking out… If this guy would do sth like that no one will never used his service again… easy. And I think that this is not a big risk… I’m more concerned about the price;)

You can always publish your app on GP by yourself. Wait some time and use the service. If he publish your app on GP as his he would look like every onther guy who can copy your app.