Augmented Reality – The Next Big Revolution In Technology

The wearable revolution is heading beyond Tech togs, Google Glass, fitness tracking, fashion accessories and health monitoring. The future is wearables that entreat up a digital layer in real space to “augment” reality. Augmented reality adds enhancements to various elements like visuals, sound, motion and GPS data to make the view more alluring and revealing. It blurs the line that distinguishes computer generated elements and real elements by enhancing users’ experience.

Conventionally in real-time, augmented reality lets its users experience the improved view of reality by augmenting the elements in context with their surrounding environment. Users find themselves in the midst of a digitally flexible, highly interactive surrounding that can be overlaid onto the real world. With the rapid increase of ground-breaking technologies, the human world is being imagined beyond Google Glass’ photo-tapping and info cards floating in space. The future is fashionable eyewear, contact lenses or even bionic eyes with immersive 3D displays, conjuring up a digital layer to “augment” reality, enabling entire new groups of applications to enhance user experiences.
Emerging products like Google Glass and Oculus Rift’s 3D virtual reality headset for enticing gaming are pulling attention to wearable revolution, but they hardly scratch the surface of what’s to come. Like most technologies that ultimately reach a mass market, augmented reality, or AR, has been anticipating in labs, as well as companies focused on gaming and vertical applications, for nearly half a century. Companies and businesses are continuously trying to incorporate Augmented Reality in their products and at AppStudioz we are already embracing this concept as much as possible by properly evaluating client requirements and developing the most viable augmented reality solutions. Let’s see sample AppStudioz case examples around Augmented Reality addressing business pain points across the industry:

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