Attention CPALead!

I was using CPALead in my apps in normal way. No outside app ads, just like banner redirecting to content locker. No incentive, everything normal.
I was testing it with small traffic, just $100 before I use them fully in bigger apps. I was lured by weekly payments and great tools like content locker. Yes, earnings are much higher than in normal ad networks.

-they not pay
-they don’t know about android apps, I described them few times how it’s working, banner and redirecting from banner to content offer with app offers
-security team looks for some mysterious issues (payment should made 1 week ago)

-delete it from your apps, I know that most of cash reward apps are using it, like from sensible wallet set ups
-support will take more time, sometimes not respond to you, they think you stop asking

So I am warning you, do not use this CPA network in your apps :wink:

edit: after emails, networks seems to be scam, they want screenshot their ads inside my apps when I deleted it from code and not using any more. Traffic came to zero and now they want proofs. Ofcourse, every fckin developer is making screenshot of ads inside apps, it’s hobby :slight_smile:

*If they pay, I change my opinion here but now it’s just a cheating

Very pleased to heard that.

This is what you deserve. :slight_smile: