AtHome Camera: Behind the Scenes of Version 3.0

The new beta version of AtHome Camera is almost ready for internal testing! Those who are participating in internal testing should be excited, but for those who aren’t participating - don’t worry! We’re about to give everyone a sneak peak at the new features that will be included in this version.

1.Optimized User Experience
1)The Login Page
The new version of the log in UI has a more polished user interface

2)The Camera List
Slight modification to the colour palette, replacing the original orange with a warmer colour that is more suggestive of “housekeeping”

The new device list will be upgraded to show real time video screen captures alongside device information. The Streamer will regularly upload screen captures to allow for quick monitoring at a glance.

The interface layout has been adjusted and the original menu moved to the bottom of the screen, split into: My Cameras, Cloud Storage, and Me.

3)Feature Upgrades

    Quick Setting

                1. Enter the Setting menu from the camera list page without having to log into the live video page
                2. A new "Alarm Master Switch" allows users to quickly turn alarm functions on or off 
                3. New Cloud Services portal where users can purchase Cloud Services to access more advanced features

Set alarm date: in version 3.0, in addition to selecting the time, users can select days of the week (Monday through Sunday) for each alarm

Improved ‘Me’ page: all personal settings, purchases, points, and recommendations are centralized into ‘Me’.

  1. Enhanced Two-way Audio
    The current version of AtHome Camera automatically turns off audio playback while the user is talking, but version 3.0 has finally pushed past this limitation. Using echo cancellation, users can experience real two-way synchronized speaking just like they would through phones or Skype video.

  2. Premium version of AtHome Camera for Windows
    Version 3.0 introduces a major breakthrough with the release of a new PC Viewer. Say goodbye to the 4.5-inch phone screen, because with the new PC viewing experience, users can now enjoy the benefits of split-screen viewing and multiple video streams.

The new UI: a new UI while maintaining convenience and easy user operation

Split-screen view: supports single screen, 4-screens, 9-screens, as well as full screen viewing modes. Tabs on the bottom of the screen show grouped cameras that can be viewed simultaneously.

Video playback: Using the PC Viewer Version 3.0, video playback can be filtered by date. Users can also easily switch between alarm-triggered recordings, scheduled recordings, videos saved locally, videos saved in the cloud, as well as real-time recordings.

Streamer Settings: In version 3.0, all Streamer settings can be modified through the PC Viewer, in accordance with the Viewer on the phone or tablet.

  1. Cloud Storage
    The fourth and most important new feature upgrade is cloud storage. As it was the need users were most vocal about, we realized that cloud storage would have to be the most integral part of our upgrade.

With cloud storage, even if the streamer isn’t online or if data has been destroyed, users can still access alarm-triggered video. Users will no longer need to worry about the loss of video evidence in the case of an emergency; Cloud Storage resolves all those problems.

Upon purchasing cloud services and enabling motion alarms,Motion triggered videos will be automatically synchronized to the Cloud.

Videos stored in the Cloud display the most recent 4 videos per day in time line. Users can access all videos by expanding the available tabs.

  1. Points Reward System
    The last feature upgrade is a points system. Version 3.0 will introduce a rewards program to encourage user engagement through “Check in” as well as "Refer a Friend ". Points can be used to redeem AtHome Camera value-added services as well used towards purchases in the online store. The more participation, the more points.

“Referral Points”/ “Refer-a-Friend Points”

Users can share app download links through a variety of social media channels to invite friends to register an AtHome Camera account. After a friend has registered an account, the user will receive a push notification informing them that “friend XXX has successfully registered at AtHome Camera and you have been rewarded XXX points”.

“Daily Check in”

All points will be displayed in the user’s My Account page

This has been the sneak peak of our updates. After months of hard work and blood, sweat, and tears we’ve finally done it! We are now entering the beta testing phase. After beta testing is complete, the full version will be released. Look forward to the complete AtHome Camera version 3.0!