ASO vs keyword spamming?

I wonder where lies the line between ASO and keyword spamming that might be punished with ban. Anyone banned for spamming in description could share the description that caused it? I wonder if my app description is already considered spam or not. I had a nice description once, then I started adding sentences with keywords here and there to have about 3 - 5x every keyword that I consider important. Now my description is like 3000 characters long, and it ranks much better for my keywords. It is readable, mind you. I don’t just list the keywords comma separated, I hide them in text. But still, is it legal?
Here’s the link if you’re interested in my description itself:

Just look at this:

Look at the 2nd example of unrelated keywords or references. Google is highlighting sentence in red “just like Candy this game is sweet and you’ll have a crush on the game in no time.”

In your case, what you describe “Or fake one for characters in a Sims / RPG game?” could be highlighted by Google’s bot as well.

In short, it is not legal to hide keywords in text. But, will Google suspend because of one or few unrelated keyword - for e.g. “Sims”, I am not sure. From what I know, just a “flappy” keyword could caused suspension in the past.

@shuiwo, but that’s that part about including testimonials in the app description. They cannot forbid using plain words like: candy, friends, etc. It all depends on how you use it and in what context you use it.

@shuiwo, I’m aware of that sims reference being dangerous. I was considering removing it for quite some time cause I don’t think it helps me in any way. I’ll remove it now :slight_smile: Sims is like a game genre now, thats why I decided to go for it in the first place. Instead of this “sims” reference, I’ll stick one more “name generator app”.

However, its not the part I was thinking about while making this thread. I was thinking about the whole description in general, mentioning “name generator”, “best name generator”, “name gen”, “name generator app”, “rpg name generator” etc. After adding more and more keywords my ranking was going up for these phrases. I wonder if my description at the moment is acceptable or not.

I don´t see a problem with the description in general, though i agree the Sims reference could be dangerous…

but please keep us informed, this is very useful practical information :wink:

More than 5x keyword in you description haven’t more power. Mask it in text, it’s legal. For coma are bans or rejects. “Name Generator” is your main key I bet. Delete word “best” from title, change it to: Name Generator - BestName. Delete “best” in text before “name generator”, it looks really like keyword spam^^. You have 7 constructions like “best name generator”. Nobody write in search “best name generator” but “name generator”.
First in you text should be “Name Generator”, not Hi there! With Best Name generator.

For example:
Name Generator - BestName is application where you can get thousands of high quality names…

Short description also:
Generating names has never been so easy!
change for
Name Generator - BestName, generate names the easiest ever!

Thanks ramzixp. Thanks for the tips, I’ll try it out. This “Hi there” looks stupid in the description but it was there on purpose, I was testing some theory. Unfortunately I failed with it so I remove it now. I changed the description, keeping your advice in mind. I wonder how is it gonna affect my rankings.