ASO_The Essential Nuances for App Promotion

[b]App Store Optimization[/b] is the foremost element for marketing an app.

As all we know, first impression means a lot. Moreover, for mobile apps, it becomes even morecrucial. Because, when a user visits the app’s page, this user can easily be affected by the image of that app.

If this app’s page is designed poor, or if your page explains not enough info about your app; it becomes easier for you to lose this potential user. Or this potential user may not even find you on app stores because of the lack of using keyword optimization.

ASO’s key ingredients are here:
1. Keyword Optimization
2. Title Optimization
3. Description Optimization
4. App Screenshots
5. App Icon
6. App Preview Video (if yes)
7. Localization
8. App Pricing
9. Necessary Updates
10. Reviews & Ratings

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