ASO Q&A Thread!!!

ASO seems to be an important thing than ever before and it seems there are number of experts in this forum.

So i decided to open a Q&A thread to help each other. i don’t expect everyone to reveal their secrets, but lets try the best.

let me ask the first question;

Does ASO work for reskin apps. i mean does google check the code/resources and give lower rank if that code(or part of the code) exists in google play?

I don’t think so. There is a developer on this forum that develops mainly “Find the difference” apps. These are all the same, just reskinned, and he gets like 50k+ downloads on each of them - and I bet most of them comes from ASO. Anyway, nobody can answer this question for sure. There is a lot of apps where the new, upgraded and reskinned app was far less successful than the previous one and while the first app makes good daily downloads, the follower fails to do it.

The reason that i asked this question is i reskin a app and publish in multiple accounts and since few months, the original app get quite downloads but others won’t get atleaset 10 downloads per day.

hi, I got a lot Q with ASO(Google play)
I know the App name and first 167words of app description matters.
But I found several apps keyword is “youtube music”, they ranked top 5 without “youtube music” in app name or description.
How did they achieve that?
By backlink or?