Asia Traffic - Ad networks


I got few apps(not games) with high asia traffic. I want to know what’s the best ad-network(banners/interstitial) in asia and their eCPMs . are there other types than banners/interstitial good for asia?


admob is good, then you have vserv and inmobi , also buzz city

Could you please specify which countries from Asia?

AFAIK there is no one network strong across Asia. Inmobi might give you high paying ads with low fill rates. Also, they serve interstitials only if you use their SDK.
Not sure about vserv. Buzzcity will give you good fill rates but low eCPM.

thanks! are you saying to use admob and use mediation with vserv and inmobi? (buzz city is not in their mediation list) what are your eCPMs youre getting for asia?

thank you! Philippines and India are the two with high downloads for some of my apps. I’m currently using admob and hoping to maybe be able to increase eCPM or revenue. I’m still learning. what are your eCPMs youre getting for asia?

For India you can try Admob, Vserv, Inmobi and Adiquity.

I would suggest use Admob mediation for your interstitials with Vserv and Inmobi(If they do). For banners, admob is the best bet followed by Adiquity from my experience.

But again, it varies from App to app. Let me know how it goes. I would like to make changes myself if you find any other good network.

I suggest you to use admob with vserv and inmobi using mediation , then you’ll have a healthy ecpm, one which wouldnt fluctuate alot , I’m used to seeing round about 0.5 ecpm from admob banner only , you might get a better result with mediation

Just ignore inmobi. They’re crap.

yup inmobi never worked from admob mediation. Here is what I faced:

  1. In the dashboard, for an app I was seeing a blank row for the app (no impression numbers, ctr, ecpm etc.) which fine as I was not sending requests to them
  2. Once I started sending requests, all numbers changed to 0 which means they do receive requests from me. In admob mediation report, I saw all requests being rejected by inmobi.

Too many issues. Just ignore them, they are not viable for long term.

thank you for all your suggestions. i appreciate it

I have integrated adiquity based on input from here, since I get a lot of traffic from Asia. Their slow data updates is a nightmare. I integrated yesterday and I see nothing in their stats, coz as they mention, their stats are updated only after 24 hours.

did u get the update now?..if yes please share your reviews abt adiquity like ecpm etc.

Well, so far, adiquity has not showed me much data. I suppose it was mainly due to my app being pulled off the market. It is now back on the market from today. Hopefully, I shall see an increase in the adiquity data. Currently my revenue is a grand $0.00. :slight_smile:

The ads really look bad too.

All I can say so far is that adiquity performs better than startapp for me. With adiquity having slightly better impressions, adiquity has generated some revenue for me, whereas startapp is showing me nil so far.

PS: the revenue is less than a dollar, nevertheless its something.