Army Air Defence HD

This fight is against every one who try to attack on country and our army always ready to destroy every thing which is
harmful to our country. Then They know only one way finish them. so play as army man and help for destroy enemies.
If you like aircraft war games and classic helicopter games, then this game is definitely for you.
In this game, you have to save your aircrafts (airplanes, helicopters ).
To increase your exciting level, we brought to you 3 challenging modes:

  1. Maximo Battle
  2. Survival Mode
  3. Time Attack
    Maximo Battle: Save the aircrafts by taping on them but beware, don’t tap the aircrafts carrying explosives with them, otherwise
    it’ll explode and you LOOSE.
    Survival Mode: You are the pilot of you aircraft who is challenged to fly it against various dangerous and destructive obstacles
    like aliens, towers, missiles, bombs.
    Time Attack: Escape as many aircrafts as you can to test your taping speed.
  4. Three different modes to choose from.
  5. Simple taping to save your aircrafts.
  6. Many types of military airplanes and helicopters.
  7. Real-timely sound and improved graphics quality.
  8. Smooth screen performance.
  9. Three types of aircrafts to select and Checkpoints feature in Survival Mode.
  10. Dynamic help notification to guide you throughout your mission.
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