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Aren't downloads given by ad companies fake?

Well ever wondered why there are so many companies coming up everyday giving away downloads at the cheapest of prices?
I think most of them are automated
I research a lot of black hat and I come across various bots which promise downloads.
Google Play App Download bot and simulates the download of your application using different IMEI, proxies, mac addresses and android versions to increase the number of total downloads of the application on the Appstore.

Here is one such thread(of many) I came across.

Appstore or GooglePlay Bots

Yes you are right, most of those companies sell Bot installs, and you can ask them to make sure, because it’s not possible for example to deliver 10k downloads per day for $0.07 from USA.

The companies that I know deliver real downloads CPI between $0.10-0.30 are us (Waypedia) and also Ayet studios.

Yea, 0.07 is way too cheap for real installs.

There were even some doubts about Facebook ads. mind had very little effect from his facebook ads.

I don’t think Facebook have fake installs, the only problem with it is they are very expensive especially if you want large amounts of downloads per day and from tier1 countries, they will charge very high CPIs $0.80+

Read this post:

Wow! I never thought that FB would do that! thank you for sharing that post.
Advertiser Claims 80% of Facebook Ad Clicks are From Bots | Wordstream

Has anyone ever used any of those bots? (from post #1)