Are users of ad netowrks other than Admob also getting low earnings after the holiday

Many people are getting low earnings from Admob as can be seen in this thread

I am wondering if people using other ad networks are also having the same problem?
Also did this happen last year as well? if so, how long does it take to recover back to normal earnings?


AirPush, AppLovin - YES. Low earnings.

MoPub Marketplace too. But they were doing some maintenance so I’m not sure if it’s temporary reporting bug or something permament. If not, then my overall revenue dropped 50% for the last 3 days.


Same for me with MoPub. Also MMedia dropped to < $0.10 eCPM.

I could be completely of but maybe this is the effect of everybody playing around with their new devices causing a big traffic increase and there isn’t enough competition among advertisers. I’m experiencing about 10% traffic increase day to day for almost a week now and big decrease in eCPM in the same period.

Few drop. yesterday i have $1.98 Epcm with Startapp

50% decreace in admob revenue for last 4 days.

Google Analytics too showing that number of active live users are decreased to less than half.

i did not give any update for last 1 week though. how long this unusual will keep on going?

is it known in this month or a signal that users are fed up with the app and it is going to be dead app now?

Lower revenues on Admob and Airpush right now…:frowning:

That might factor into it, but its mostly due to the fact that we are now in Q1.
Large and medium companies all spent the last of their yearly advertising budgets in last Q4.
They will all have fresh new budgets now and will hold back a bit until Spring.
Many people spent a lot of money in Christmas too, so they will generally be spending less for Jan/Feb.