Are mobilecore interestial better than admob interestial

I have seen many people on this forum that mobilecore interestial are better than that of admob interestial. Is this true.Plz post ur admob and mobilecore interestial result separatly.

At least mobilecore integration is super easy and they pay weekly. Ecpm etc. Depends upon advertisers and their bud for a country. My mC average is $1.3 and admob account manager was promising $1 at least by looking at my traffic which is 25% india and 8% USA.

How much daily impressions u get on mobilecore.

20k daily impressions as of now.

From ur point of view how many downloads an app need daily to get 20k impression on mC.

Approx 3000-4000 daily downloads are required for a game showing mC at launch and exit. If the game many levels and you are showing mC on game over then of course you need lesser number of downloads.

If you want to compare, split the traffics 50/50 and see it yourself. Different apps might performing varies on different ad networks, you should get the numbers yourself, our data wouldn’t similar to yours.

In my experience, mC is getting better than Admob lately, but Admob is performing very stable since the beginning, mC might be not that stable.