Are exit interstitial ads not allowed on Google Play?

Interstitial ads may only be displayed inside of the app they came with.

This is from Google Play Developer Program Policies, and with a quick google search I found out that some apps got banned with the exact same reason. So it seems google does not like the exit ads on their platforms.

Why are you wasting your time and creating new thread for something which has been and being discussed daily at

Do’t you read other forum threads?

I am asking about Google Play not Admob, it is clear that admob will ban you however Google Play ban is not that clear and I wanted to take attention to this topic (Google Play ban for exit ads)

Exit interstitials are allowed in Google play. Admob don’t allow using exit ads

Well, you can search on google yourself, there are a lot of devs banned from google play because of exit ads. At least, they claim that they have banned from google play because of exit ads.

I have exit ads in all my apps. I have not been banned from Google Play. I am not using admob I am using StartApp.

You might have not been banned yet this does not mean you won’t be banned in near future. I won’t take the risk, good luck to you :slight_smile:

Can somebody please give me the link to google play policy where I can read that exit ads are not allowed?
I am not talking about admob but google play. I have been using exit ads for 1 year now and have not been banned.

exit ads are allowed as long as they dont show out of apps, I see new apps being published daily on gplay with admob ads on app launch so these apps are still slipping through.

also published 4-5 apps with admob ads on app launch. Probably from next updates will remove, but don’t want to loose revenue because of the new stupid rule. They even didn’t send notification about changed policies