Appwiz's PPD is compliant with google policies?

Hi guys
Is Appwiz’s PPD compliant with google policies?

It should be. Though if you want to be really safe, wait a few weeks before integrating those kinds of SDKs.

Both AppWiz and StartApp’s new SDK change the default browser to their respective homepages, so one has every reason to believe they are compliant. Google doesn’t specifically mention disallowing the change of the homepage on a user’s device, but does mention the disallowing of adding bookmarks.

Google are obviously aware of these various ad networks and how they ultimately help support the app ecosystem to a great extent (through providing a viable means of profit for developers which encourages app development) and so they would have tried to compromise when they updated the policy.
Changing the homepage will probably be disallowed too at some point, but for now it seems to be accepted.

Obviously the next few weeks or more will tell everyone what’s allowed and what isn’t…

100% compliant with new Google Policy (Aug 2013) new SDK is live , up and running v1.5
if you have any doubts or questions please e mail us at [email protected]


48 hour and we will see :stuck_out_tongue:

Why the 48 hour? The dead line ended today for apps that weren´t updated after 23 August, all apps that made updates after 23 August were immediately subject to the new policy

appwiz just hands your apps. It tries some network ops and your app sometimes force closes and other times just displays a blank screen. have seen it going that way a number of times yesterday.

don’t use appwiz ,until now they didn’t pay my last Earnings after suddenly stop My PPD model because they didn’t like my traffic sources

appwiz already paid me twice