Appwiz wants to buy your Traffic- 10 Cents per App download

Hi All,

Appwiz new PPD for new Traffic- this is under Full Appwiz new SDK integration which means all ad units following our Ads implementation guidelines-
We want your in App ads activity and willing to pay for the best in App spots using PPD!

Package number 1:

• $0.10 for each USA App download
• Overall CPM of $5 and growing
• High CTR

Package number 2:

• $0.08 for each USA App download
• $0.001 for each of your None USA App downloads
• Overall CPM of $5 and growing
• High CTR

Contact us to be part of this limited offer ! Skype anni-appwiz [email protected]


correct title :Appwiz wants to Steals your Traffic - collect as you can and we well not pay in the end

outside usa rates are way too low, airpush rates are more at 4 cent per usa and 0.002 per non usa makes more in long run since most installs for people are outside usa. plus u get revenue share.

Hi DroidGenie,

Appwiz also offer the revenue Share model, alongside our PPD, so Revenue Share is there just the same, under PPD, we offer 2 new options

US $0.08 US
None $0.001

Only US $0.10

Or you can do :

US $0.05
None $0.002

If you do the math for even having 5% US traffic, you will make more money via the 8cents and 0.001 for none +rev share then, UP TO $0.04 from Airpush on PPD…