Appwiz stop fu*k with Developers | Scam

wait and see

They pay net15. That means up to 15 days after the end of the month.
The current payout is for September earnings, which I can see from your screenshot is $160.17. They list the payments as the 1st of each month on the website, with the tag “pending” as you can see.
Once the payment is complete (15th October), the tag will be updated to “Paid”.
You only earned $1.39 in August as your screenshot shows.
No network has a threshold of less $10. I believe AppWiz’s specific threshold is $100.

So I think you’ve mostly embarrassed yourself here with the insults and cursing…

Right again A1ka1inE ! :slight_smile:
Net 15 it is… and thank you !

People are stupid. :slight_smile:


and what about this payment ,your appwiz say (my 09/01/2013 payment is paid) , and i did not receive any thing until now ,i contact your company and they say they study this issue ???:confused:
appwiz stolen my earning

@Appwiz - do you guys have a referral/affiliate program? If so can you please PM me the requirments?


Hey devo1985
Pls e mail me directly [email protected]


you answer only for new developer to steal them ,and now answer for developer which have problem with your company


Appwiz is totally lie and fake , they are making payment, i have earned $5000 , when i asked them, they are telling your payment is not done

So please developers dont use the appwiz , its a fake company

Please don’t spam illegible crap all over the forums. You’ve posted the same thing over and over and what you are saying doesn’t even make sense.

i think you are the man who make a spam ,i was earned $3000 from 3 month ,i get nothing from them
when i was try to contact them , they say they study the payment ??? ,now they didn’t even answer
so this company
fake company
fake company
fake company
fake company
fake company

I don’t understand what you are saying. And no I have not spammed… The user I quoted joined the forum just to spam the exact same illegible message all over the forum. That is spam.

If you’re having an issue with a payment from them why not add them on Skype and talk to them?

What you’re saying is happened is that you contacted them and they didn’t answer? If you earned 3k with a company I think you’d try a bit harder.

i try to contact them from 3 month ago until now ,with no result , if you check forum you well find many developer have the same problem with appwiz

I quit with huge loss . i was another victim i hope no one will anymore

Personally never had a problem with them they’ve paid me on time and correct amounts every time… HOWEVER I was unsatisfied with the earnings I was getting and decided to stop using them on that basis. I found Anni was always helpful and was quick to respond if I had issues. Personally I think they provided a great service and were one of the quickest networks to respond to the Google Policy change, it’s just a shame that after that change I was not able to earn as much from them!

I found anni to be extremely unprofessional. Any questioning of their system led her/him/it to become angry and aggressive. This is not the behavior of a normal company, this is behavior very similar to nigerian scammers. I am not even convinced they are located in Israel.

Assuming A1ka1inE is not working with them I would say they make sure to pay well known and respected forum members very well while screwing anyone else they can.

I dropped them a while ago because they seemed very scammish. I sure am glad I did - I’m making a lot with startapp and have always been paid on time and received high quality and timely customer support. Including in app ads I averaged 4.2 cents per download today - higher than I ever made with appwiz. I just wished I hadn’t wasted so much of my time with appwiz, time is $. Oh well, live and learn

Hey Sean,

nice to hear from you again, and it is ok to share your thoughts here, but pls just be fair enough to tell your other friends here , that after the fortunate session we had, YOU STILL GOT PAID IN FULL by Appwiz.


Umm thats not true. I never even entered my bank information because i never made it to $100 because you turned off my ability to make money ($0.0 revenue per download/click). I don’t even care because its only $40 but DONT LIE. WHAT KIND OF COMPANY REP DOES THAT!???!!

the same way ,you answer what you want ,and other developer ,which your company steal their money , no response

Well if I were a Nigerian scammer I wouldn’t claim I was from Israel, but I would pick USA, or Canada or something. Or maybe this is some advanced tactics… :rolleyes:

Damn, I was planning to make use of Appwiz coming from Appflood and some other stuff.
But I keep reading bad things about appwiz over and over again in this forums. Too bad startapp has a very low rate if you don’t want their phone call sdk.